Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Research in CCR

Scientists at the Center for Cancer Research have long been pioneers in the fields of basic, translational, and clinical immunology. Research carried out at CCR has led to the development of several novel and effective therapeutics that harness the power of the immune system to fight cancer. This includes critical advances in developing adoptive cell therapy, vaccines, cytokines and immunotoxins as cancer treatments. Ongoing basic research at CCR is deciphering the complex mechanisms that regulate development and activation of the innate and adaptive immune response, and how these processes become dysregulated in cancer and other diseases. CCR is also translating these advances in basic research into the next generation of cancer therapeutics.

Read about our seminal discoveries in immunotherapy and cytokines on our timeline: A History of Advancing the Field of Immunology. We are proud of our recent Milestone advances and our physician-scientists are already working to harness the immune system toward exciting Horizons of future study.

CCR has initiated the Center for Cell-based Therapy and also hosts the Center of Excellence in Immunology.

For more information about our current research visit our PI's websites: