Andrea B. Apolo, M.D.

Andrea B. Apolo, M.D.

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Genitourinary Malignancies Branch


Dr. Apolo is a medical oncologist dedicated to improving the lives of patients with genitourinary tumors.  She designs and implements clinical trials to test novel agents for the treatment of urologic cancers. Her research focuses on developing targeted therapies for bladder cancer and rare genitourinary tumors, including immunotherapies, angiogenesis inhibitors, and agents that target MET, and in identifying molecular alterations that will serve as targets for individualized treatment strategies.

Appointments:  For new patient referrals please contact the Medical Oncology Referral Office, at 240-760-6050 or

Areas of Expertise

Testicular Cancer
Rare Genitourinary Tumors
Targeted Therapy

Information for Patients

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Clinical Trials


Selected Recent Publications

Determining superior first-line therapy in metastatic bladder cancer

Apolo AB
Nat Rev Urol. 16(12): 698-699, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Eligibility and Radiologic Assessment for Adjuvant Clinical Trials in Kidney Cancer

Agrawal S, Haas NB, Bagheri M, Lane BR, Coleman J, Hammers H, Bratslavsky G, Chauhan C, Kim L, Krishnasamy VP, Marko J, Maher VE, Ibrahim A, Cross F Jr, Liu K, Beaver JA, Pazdur R, Blumenthal GM, Singh H, Plimack ER, Choueiri TK, Uzzo R, Apolo AB.
JAMA Oncol. [Epub ahead of print], 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Myocarditis in a patient treated with Nivolumab and PROSTVAC: a case report

Monge C, Maeng H, Brofferio A, Apolo AB, Sathya B, Arai AE, Gulley JL, Bilusic M.
J Immunother Cancer. 6(1): 150, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Eligibility and Radiologic Assessment in Adjuvant Clinical Trials in Bladder Cancer

Apolo AB, Milowsky MI, Kim L, Inman BA, Kamat AM, Steinberg G, Bagheri M, Krishnasamy VP, Marko J, Dinney CP, Bangs R, Sweis RF, Maher VE, Ibrahim A, Liu K, Werntz R, Cross F, Beaver JA, Singh H, Pazdur R, Blumenthal GM, Lerner SP, Bajorin DF, Rosenberg JE, Agrawal S.
JAMA Oncol. 1-9, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Avelumab in metastatic urothelial carcinoma after platinum failure (JAVELIN Solid Tumor): pooled results from two expansion cohorts of an open-label, phase 1 trial

Patel MR, Ellerton J, Infante JR, Agrawal M, Gordon M, Aljumaily R, Britten CD, Dirix L, Lee KW, Taylor M, Schöffski P, Wang D, Ravaud A, Gelb AB, Xiong J, Rosen G, Gulley JL, Apolo AB.
Lancet Oncol. 19(1): 51-64, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

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