Postdoctoral Training at CCR

The NCI Center for Cancer Research (CCR) is committed to supporting and training the next generation of scientists.  We can help you launch your career in basic or translational cancer research.  CCR offers a research environment that is second-to-none in quality of science and quality of mentoring.

CRTA Training Fellowships

The Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) provides stipend support for U.S. citizens and permanent residents to train at the NCI Center for Cancer Research.  Fellowships are fully funded and renewable annually for up to 5 years, based on merit.

Who Can Apply?

  • Fellows with a doctoral degree or the equivalent in the health sciences
  • Fellows with no more than five (5) years of relevant postdoctoral research experience at the start of the fellowship period
  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents

How Do I Apply?

There are several ways to search and apply for postdoctoral fellowships.

  • Submit your CV/resume to NCI Future Fellows, a databank of interested candidates to be considered for postbaccalaureate (master-level and post-college), doctoral, and postdoctoral fellowships. Our investigators may search this databank for potential fellows.

Investigators from the Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory circa 2009.

NIH Visiting Program

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Visiting Program provides support stipends for foreign postdoctoral scientists on J-1 visas to train at the NCI Center for Cancer Research or at other NIH institutes.  Visiting fellow awards are generally processed for 2 years, but 1-year awards are an option. Fellowships are renewable for up to 5 years, based on merit.   Learn more . . .