Research Section Overview

The Center for Cancer Research (CCR) is the basic and clinical intramural research program of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). CCR is a distinctive community of scientists and clinicians who integrate basic research discovery with the development of novel interventions against cancer and HIV/AIDS.

CCR investigators conduct high-risk, high-impact research; studies that require the type of long-term, sustained support that may not be possible elsewhere. Discoveries at the CCR have advanced our understanding of the biology of cancer and other diseases; many have been translated into new diagnostics and treatments for patients.

CCR's Research Program

  • Provides a highly interactive, multidisciplinary culture for basic and clinical researchers
  • Accelerates the translation of new discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic
  • Supports the study of rare cancers and underserved patient populations
  • Responds quickly to urgent public health needs, new goals, and new opportunities
  • Invests in the development of new technology and approaches
  • Promotes collaborations within NIH as well as partnerships with private industry and academia
  • Is committed to training the next generation of scientific leaders

Technologies and Scientific Resources

The Office of Science and Technology Resources (OSTR) identifies, evaluates and makes available new technologies and scientific resources to CCR investigators through partnerships, collaborations, contracts and other technology transfer agreements with outside organizations, including the private sector.

NCI Centers of Excellence and Working Groups

Centers of Excellence serve to support the CCR’s dedication to long-term, high-risk, basic and clinical research in our areas of greatest strength:

NCI intramural faculties and working groups are composed of basic, clinical, and epidemiological researchers working together with a common interest in a particular scientific discipline, disease, or approach.  Learn more . . .

Special Initiatives and Programs

CCR has established several programs to address specific areas of cancer research:

Cancer Moonshot – CCR is an active participant in the NCI Cancer Moonshot, which seeks to accelerate cancer research to make more therapies available to more patients, while also improving our ability to prevent cancer and detect it at an early stage.

Rare Diseases – This program focuses on rare cancers and diseases as well cancers that may be predominant in medically underserved populations.

Center for Advanced Preclinical Research (CAPR) – This center conducts comprehensive preclinical testing of early-stage candidate drugs. 

Center for Molecular Microscopy (CMM) – This center is developing new techniques and technologies for high resolution imaging by electron microscopy in 3D.

Comparative Oncology Program (COP) – This program helps researchers gain a better understanding the biology of cancer and improve the assessment of novel treatments for humans by treating pet animals with naturally occurring cancers.