Center for Advanced Preclinical Research


The Center for Advanced Preclinical Research (CAPR) specializes in evaluating the efficacy of preclinical compounds, existing drugs, or biologics (therapeutics) in genetically engineered mouse (GEM) models, GEM-derived allograft (GDA) models, or patient-derived mouse xenografts (PDX). Research is conducted in teams and collaborative science to develop and utilize reproducible preclinical studies in the development of effective therapeutics and diagnostics for human cancers. 

CAPR is directed by Shyam K. Sharan, Ph.D., who is also Deputy Director of the Mouse Cancer Genetics Program.


  • Engineer/adapt relevant mouse cancer models for optimal use in preclinical studies
  • Evaluate therapeutic efficacy for primary and recurrent cancers in preclinical cancer models
  • Develop novel efficacious combination therapies
  • Improve the frequency of efficacious immune system targeted therapies
  • Discover biomarkers via dynamic systems assessment
  • Generate hypothesis for clinical and basic research
  • Develop imaging technologies to monitor disease and treatment
  • Improve throughput and scale-up of preclinical studies in effective mouse models
  • Develop interactive preclinical data management systems
  • Assess relative predictive power among preclinical model types

Operating Structure

  • Novel hybrid culture: integrated research rigor and project/goal management
  • Dedicated staff drawn from public and private sectors
  • Integrated expertise in cancer mechanisms, pathways, murine models, genetics, drug development, stem cell biology