Center for Advanced Preclinical Research: Models

Shown below are our existing GEM models. To accommodate the unmet needs of CCR investigators, CAPR will consider importing GEM models and/or alleles (assuming licensing availability) from other institutions and repositories.  In addition, CAPR will also consider generating new models if their need is well-justified.
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Model Type Genetic Events Induction Allograft
Lung AdCa Lung AdCa

Doxycycline  -
KrasG12D/Lkb1; KrasG12D/p53 AdCre/Lenti-Cre
EML4-ALK Doxycycline  -
Glioblastoma Glioblastoma pRB/KrasG12D/PTEN GFAP-CreER/tam
Serous Ovarian Carcinoma Serous
pRb/p53c/c or m/-
pRb/p53c/c or m/- /Brca1
prb/p53c/c or m/- /Brca2
 Melanoma Melanoma HGF/MET  UV or DMBA 
BRAFV600E UV, Tyr-Cre 
 Pancreatic Ductal AdCa Pancreatic
Ductal AdCa
KrasG12D/p53  PDX1-Cre

Recently developed models now available: Mammary adenocarcinoma, Neuroblastoma, Peripheral nerve sheath tumor (PNST) and Malignant PNST