Center for Advanced Preclinical Research: Lung Adenocarcinoma

EGFR-driven models

EML4-ALK-driven model

Ras-driven model

lung cancer revealed with different experimental methods

  • Evaluation of novel therapeutics in inducible models of Kras-driven lung adenocarcinoma.

  • Lung-specific tumor induction is achieved by intratracheal instillation of adenoviral Cre to drive recombination of KrasG12D and p53 alleles.

  • Lung tumorigenesis is accelerated when p53 is also inactivated.

  • Adenocarcinoma develops 6-24 weeks post-induction depending on allele combination. Models may contain p53 deletion alleles or p53 point mutations.

  • LKb1-deficient tumors are also available for preclinical studies: lung tumorigenesis is accelerated when Lkb1 is inactivated, and tumors display mixed squamous and adenocarcinoma histology.

  • Allograft models have been established.

  • Tumor development and response to drug are monitored by MRI or CT scanning.

  • Jackson et al., The differential effects of mutant p53 alleles on advanced murine lung cancer (Cancer Res 2005).

  • Ji et al., LKB1 modulates lung cancer differentiation and metastasis (Nature 2007).