Chromosome Biology Research at CCR

Molecules of cell nucleus in the interphase. Nucleolus (the granular structure), DNA being transcripted to mRNA (pink) by the RNA polymerase (green), and several enzymes: the endonuclease (violet), the DNA ligase (yellow) and the DNA topoisomerase (magenta).
The cell nucleus in interphase. Image credit:  iStock

Investigators at the Center for Cancer Research (CCR) pioneered the study of chromatindemonstrating its functional importance and laying the groundwork for understanding its role in cancer and other diseases. CCR continues to be a recognized leader in chromosome biology research.

Our Chromosome Biology Research

Our investigators continue to make important contributions in many areas of chromosome biology research, including chromatin structure and function; epigenetics and gene expression; chromosome segregation and cell division; DNA replication, repair, and recombination; chromosome organization and gene localization; and nuclear protein interaction dynamics.

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Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology

The NCI Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology fosters synergistic interactions between NCI intramural investigators with expertise in all aspects of chromosome biology and leverages cutting-edge tools, approaches and resources to advance the field of chromosome biology as it applies to cancer research.  

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Our Chromosome Biology Related Fellowships and Jobs

CCR has opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in chromosome biology research, including laboratory-based fellowships for postbaccalaureate, predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees. CCR fellows and faculty have access to unique resources, including cutting-edge technologies and cores, a highly collaborative environment of top researchers, awards for outstanding postdocs and scientific symposia and lectures featuring world renowned experts.

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