Cancer Health Disparities Research at CCR

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The mission of the NCI Center for Cancer Research is “to improve the lives of all cancer patients by solving important, challenging and neglected problems in cancer research and patient care.” That precisely describes the challenge of cancer health disparities.

While some of our research is already engaged in these efforts, we are actively growing our portfolio in basic, translational and clinical health disparities research. We are also working to increase the diversity of patients enrolled in our clinical studies by improving access to trials and the patient experience.

How We Define Health Disparities

Cancer disparities are adverse differences between population groups in cancer measures such as incidence, prevalence, mortality, survivorship, morbidity, quality of life after cancer treatment, financial burden, screening rates or stage at diagnosis.

Affected population groups may be defined by race/ethnicity, disability, gender identity, geographic location, income, education, age, sexual orientation, national origin, and/or other characteristics.

CCR is committed to the goal of ensuring equity and equality in all our research endeavors and activities.

CCR’s Cancer Health Disparities Research Portfolio

CCR conducts basic research on the genetic and biological basis of health disparities in several cancers. CCR researchers use epidemiological and translational strategies to identify risk factors and pathways that influence tumor development and progression in various patient groups and conduct studies on the molecular basis for disparities in cancer outcomes and how they are influenced by nonbiological factors.

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Jobs and Training Opportunities Related to Cancer Health Disparities

CCR offers many opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in health disparities research. In order to expand our research portfolio, we are committed to recruiting talented researchers focused on cancer health disparities research at all levels.

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Support for Cancer Health Disparities Research at CCR

CCR has several funding mechanisms to support health disparities research, including dedicated funding to support postdoctoral/postbaccalaureate fellows fully dedicated to a health disparities research project. Our CCR Health Disparities Steering Committee can provide guidance and resources to faculty and fellows interested in health disparities research and facilitate the development of promising research projects.

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