Clinical Pharmacology Program


Core Services

The CPP provides a range of services to support the conduct of clinical trials, and serves as a resource for clinicians seeking advice on study design. Visit each of our four sections, below, to view and access available services.


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You can contact Dr. Cody Peer via phone or email.

240-858-3204 or



Paula Carter, BS, MHA
Trung Pham, MS
Diane Roame
Veronica Krevinko, MS
Sheryl Gere Ehrlich, MA 
Hannah Mendiola, BS
Turina Lewis, BS
Paul Nolen
Emily McIntyre, BS


Cody Peer, MS, PhD
Vijaya Karra, PhD
Tobi Arisa, DPhil  
Will Richardson, BS
Natalia Corvalan, BS  
Annieka Reno, BS


Tristan Sissung, MS, PhD
Giulia Napoli, BS

Clinical Section

Keith Schmidt, PharmD, PhD
Crystal Vasquez, PharmD
Lisa Cordes, PharmD

PreClinical PK

Roger Depaz

Clinical Trials