Pharmacogenetics Section

The Pharmacogenetics Section (PG) is responsible for correlating outcome observations (side effects, efficacy, survival, and/or PK results) with genetic variants (mutations or somatic) to identify key genetic determinants and biomarkers that predict response to specific treatments. The PGS extracts and analyzes DNA from most sample types and utilizes several sequencing techniques in both CLIA and non-CLIA settings.  The PGS conducts array-based Pharmacoscan sequencing (4,527 variants in 1,191 ADME genes), Illumina-based sequencing, fluorescent PCR, direct sequencing, fragment analysis, pyrosequencing, and others. RNA expression assays (e.g., qPCR and ddPCR), ELISA, and other qualitative/quantitative measurement methods are also available. Genotype data can be statistically compared to endpoints obtained in clinical trials, molecular/cell techniques, in-vitro drug metabolism, animal experiments, and numerous others.

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