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Doug Figg Sr., Pharm.D.Doug Figg Sr., Pharm.D.

Pat Steeg, Ph.D.Pat Steeg, Ph.D.

The translation of basic research into therapeutics is a high priority for the CCR.  The mission of the Office of Translational Resources (OTR) is to assist principal investigators (PIs) in rapidly translating advances in laboratory and clinical research into successful therapeutics and treatments for cancer.

The OTR is available to offer advice and information to CCR PIs to facilitate translation of promising basic research into preclinical models and ideally into the clinic. Specifically, the OTR will:

  • Serve as a primary point of contact and advisory entity to CCR PIs for the development of sound translational strategies.
  • Assist PIs in finding resources in the CCR, NCI, NIH or in the extramural community that facilitate translational and drug development projects.
  • Sponsor seminars and workshops on technologies important to drug development and translational studies.
  • Strengthen communications/collaborations with CCR/NCI/NIH groups with strong translational and drug development interests such as the Molecular Targets Program, NCATS, DCTD, the NIHF and others.
  • Improve access and interaction with the NCI/NIH Technology Transfer Offices
  • Coordinate the Drug Development Collaborative (DDC), which provides scientific advice to CCR PIs on individual projects. PIs can present their projects to the DDC and the group will offer:  
    • Recommendations specific for individual projects with the goal of moving basic research into clinical studies. 
    • Laboratory or contract resources for DDC-approved projects; particularly those requiring work significantly beyond the capabilities of the PI and his/her collaborators.

Please contact Diana Linnekin for information on the OTR, or if you are interested in making a presentation to the DDC for input on a project and/or consideration for resources.

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