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Peng Jiang, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Cancer Data Science Laboratory


Dr. Jiang's research is focused on developing integrative frameworks that leverage the big-data resource in public domains to identify regulators of cancer therapy resistance. A general challenge in cancer research is the lack of data to understand the clinical efficacy of each treatment, while new drugs with distinct mechanisms of action get approved every year. To fill in the gap, we are developing statistical and machine learning infrastructures that transfer knowledge from a vast amount of previous data cohorts to the study of new cancer biology problems.

Areas of Expertise

Big Data Integration
Machine Learning
Precision Medicine


Selected Recent Publications

A T cell resilience model associated with response to immunotherapy in multiple tumor types

Zhang Y, Vu T, Palmer D, Kishton R, Gong L, Huang J, Nguyen T, Chen Z, Smith C, Livák F, Paul R, Day C, Wu C, Merlino G, Aldape K, Guan X, Jiang P
Nature Medicine. 28(7): 1421–1431, 2022.
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Estimation of cell lineages in tumors from spatial transcriptomics data

Ru B, Huang J, Zhang Y, Aldape K, Jiang P
Nature Communications. 14: 568, 2023.
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Systematic investigation of cytokine signaling activity at the tissue and single-cell levels

Jiang P, Zhang Y, Ru B, Yang Y, Vu T, Paul R, Mirza A, Altan-Bonnet G, Liu L, Ruppin E, Wakefield L, Wucherpfennig KW
Nature Methods. 18(10): 1181–1191, 2021.
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Signatures of T-cell dysfunction and exclusion predict cancer immunotherapy response

Jiang P, Gu S, Pan D, Fu J, Sahu A, Hu X, Li Z, Traugh N, Bu X, Li B, Liu J, Freeman GJ, Brown MA, Wucherpfennig KW, Liu XS.
Nature Medicine. 24(10): 1550-1558, 2018.
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Big data in basic and translational cancer research

Jiang P, Sinha S, Aldape K, Hannenhalli S, Sahinalp C, Ruppin E
Nature Reviews Cancer. 2022.
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01/18/2024: Congratulations to Lanqi Gong, who received the NCI T2I fellowship!

12/04/2023: Welcome to our new post-bac, Emily Yang, who just graduated from UC Berkeley.

08/10/2023: Congratulations to Lanqi Gong, who received the 2023 Scholar-in-Training Award supported by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

07/25/2023: Congratulations to Lanqi Gong, who received the 2024 NCI Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE).

07/20/2023: Welcome to our new computational post-bac, Gudrun Thorkelsdottir, who just graduated from the Department of Computer Science at UMD College Park.

02/02/2023: Our SpaCET framework for cell lineage deconvolution and cell-cell interaction inference in Tumor Spatial Transcriptomics Is published in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Beibei and Jinlin!

01/04/2023: Welcome to our new wet-lab postdoc, Lanqi Gong

01/04/2023: Welcome to our new computational postdoc, Gourab Ghosh Roy

01/04/2023: Welcome to our new computational postdoc, Seongyong Park

01/03/2023: Dr. Jiang gets the NCI Director's Award for Data Science

12/27/2022: Welcome to our new wet-lab postdoc, Anshu Rani!

09/05/2022: Our review paper on Cancer Big Data is published in Nature Reviews Cancer.

07/13/2022: CBIIT released a data science career infographic introducing several data scientists working at NCI.

06/02/2022: We get the 2023 Technology Impact Award from the Cancer Research Institute.

05/02/2022: Our paper, on the Tumor-resilient T cell model and FIBP knockout, is formally online now at Nature Medicine.

03/24/2022: Our paper, on the Tumor-resilient T cell model and FIBP knockout in potentiating cellular immunotherapies in solid tumors, is formally accepted by Nature Medicine! Congratulations to Yu Zhang and Trang Vu!

03/14/2022: Welcome to our new computational postdoc, Zisha Zhong!

03/03/2022: We get the FLEX grant together with Dr. Lalage Wakefield to perform spatial transcriptomics research!

01/18/2022: Dr. Trang Vu was awarded the T2I postdoc fellowship!

12/13/2021: Our preview article is online now at Patterns: Discover immunotherapy biomarkers from single-cell cytometry data. Congratulations to Dr. Beibei Ru.

10/12/2021: Welcome to our new wet-lab postdoc, Abhilasha Purohit!

09/30/2021: Our CytoSig work is formally published on Nature Methods!

08/12/2021: Jacob Luber is awarded the generous CPRIT grant to startup his Lab!

07/23/2021: Our CytoSig work gets the Milstein Abstract Award from International Cytokine & Interferon Society!

07/13/2021: Jacob Luber got an offer of assistant professor from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas, Arlington. Congratulations!

07/12/2021: Our CytoSig paper is accepted by Nature Methods!

07/05/2021: Yu Zhang successfully passed her thesis defense. We can call her Dr. Zhang, M.D. Ph.D. now!

06/29/2021: Alex Lee finished his post-bac appointment at our group. He will start his Ph.D. study in the immunology program of John Hopkins University in September 2021.

06/01/2021: Welcome to our summer internship Fucheng Li from the Department of Computer Science at U Maryland, College Park

05/21/2021: Congratulations to Alex Lee on the Outstanding Poster Award at NIH Postbac Poster Day 2021

04/07/2021: Yu Zhang finished her one-year visit to NCI. She will become a pediatric oncologist after graduation.

12/14/2020: Our review paper about cytokine signaling in T-cell exclusion is online now

12/14/2020: Welcome to our computational postdoc Dr. Abhishek Dubey from Oak Ridge National Lab & Duke CS department

11/02/2020: Welcome to our computational postdoc Dr. Jacob Luber from my previous department at Harvard

09/02/2020: Welcome to our first wet-lab postdoc Dr. Trang Vu

07/01/2020: Welcome to our first post-bac fellow Alex Lee

03/01/2020: Welcome to our first graduate student Yu Zhang, visiting us for one year

10/01/2019: Welcome to our first computational postdoc, Dr. Beibei Ru

07/07/2019: Peng Jiang formally started his group at NCI.