Louis M. Staudt, M.D., Ph.D.

Louis M. Staudt, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Staudt pioneered the use of gene expression profiling to discover molecularly and clinically distinct cancer subtypes and to predict response to therapy. He defined molecular subtypes of lymphoma that were previously unrecognized but are now viewed as distinct diseases that arise from different stages of B cell differentiation, utilize different oncogenic mechanisms and offer new therapeutic targets. To develop new treatments for lymphoid malignancies, Staudt’s laboratory uses various high-throughput approaches, including cancer gene resequencing, RNAi/CRISPR-based genetic screens, and combinatorial small molecule screens. The laboratory also conducts genomic investigations within therapeutic trials of targeted agents in lymphoma to define mechanisms of response and resistance.

Areas of Expertise


Selected Key Publications

A Probabilistic Classification Tool for Genetic Subtypes of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma with Therapeutic Implications

Wright GW, Huang DW, Phelan JD, Coulibaly ZA, Roulland S, Young RM, Wang JQ, Schmitz R, Morin RD, Tang J, Jiang A, Bagaev A, Plotnikova O, Kotlov N, Johnson CA, Wilson WH, Scott DW, Staudt LM.
Cancer Cell. 37(4): 551-68, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

Pathogenic B-cell receptor signaling in lymphoid malignancies: New insights to improve treatment

Young RM, Phelan JD, Wilson WH, Staudt LM.
Immunol Rev. 291(1): 190-213, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Genetics of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Wright GW, Wilson WH, Staudt LM.
New Engl J Med. 379(5): 493-94, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Targeting the HTLV-I-Regulated BATF3/IRF4 Transcriptional Network in Adult T Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma

Nakagawa M, Shaffer AL 3rd, Ceribelli M, Zhang M, Wright G, Huang DW, Xiao W, Powell J, Petrus MN, Yang Y, Phelan JD, Kohlhammer H, Dubois SP, Yoo HM, Bachy E, Webster DE, Yang Y, Xu W, Yu X, Zhao H, Bryant BR, Shimono J, Ishio T, Maeda M, Green PL, Waldmann TA, Staudt LM.
Cancer Cell. 34(2): 286-97, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Epigenetic gene regulation by Janus kinase 1 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Rui L, Drennan AC, Ceribelli M, Zhu F, Wright GW, Huang DW, Xiao W, Li Y, Grindle KM, Lu L, Hodson DJ, Shaffer AL, Zhao H, Xu W, Yang Y, Staudt LM.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 113(46): E7260-E7267, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

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