Nicholas D. Klemen

Nicholas D. Klemen, M.D.

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Surgery Branch


Nicholas Klemen, M.D., is a surgical oncologist who specializes in the treatment of gastrointestinal tumors, particularly those of the colon, pancreas, and liver. His current work focuses on advancing immunotherapy for patients with difficult-to-treat gastrointestinal cancers, which typically do not respond to FDA-approved immunotherapy regimens.

Areas of Expertise

Cell Therapy
Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery

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Selected Key Publications

Randomized, Prospective Evaluation Comparing Intensity of Lymphodepletion Before Adoptive Transfer of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes for Patients With Metastatic Melanoma

Goff SL, Dudley ME, Citrin DE, Somerville RP, Wunderlich JR, Danforth DN, Zlott DA, Yang JC, Sherry RM, Kammula US, Klebanoff CA, Hughes MS, Restifo NP, Langhan MM, Shelton TE, Lu L, Kwong ML, Ilyas S, Klemen ND, Payabyab EC, Morton KE, Toomey MA, Steinberg SM, White DE, Rosenberg SA.
J Clin Oncol.. 34(20):: 2389-97, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

Generation of Tumor Antigen-Specific iPSC-Derived Thymic Emigrants Using a 3D Thymic Culture System

Vizcardo R, Klemen ND, Islam SMR, Gurusamy D, Tamaoki N, Yamada D, Koseki H, Kidder BL, Yu Z, Jia L, Henning AN, Good ML, Bosch-Marce M, Maeda T, Liu C, Abdullaev Z, Pack S, Palmer DC, Stroncek DF, Ito F, Flomerfelt FA, Kruhlak MJ, Restifo NP.
Cell Rep.. 22(12):: 3175-3190, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Patterns of failure after immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors predict durable progression-free survival after local therapy for metastatic melanoma

Klemen ND, Wang M, Feingold PL, Cooper K, Pavri SN, Han D, Detterbeck FC, Boffa DJ, Khan SA, Olino K, Clune J, Ariyan S, Salem RR, Weiss SA, Kluger HM, Sznol M, Cha C.
J Immunother Cancer. 7(1): 196, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Survival after checkpoint inhibitors for metastatic acral, mucosal and uveal melanoma

Klemen ND, Wang M, Rubinstein JC, Olino K, Clune J, Ariyan S, Cha C, Weiss SA, Kluger HM, Sznol M.
J Immunother Cancer. 8(1):: e000341, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

Metastasectomy Following Immunotherapy with Adoptive Cell Transfer for Patients with Advanced Melanoma

Klemen ND, Feingold PL, Goff SL, Hughes MS, Kammula US, Yang JC, Schrump DS, Rosenberg SA, Sherry RM.
Ann Surg Oncol.. 24(1): 135-141, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

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