Awards & Honors

Peter Choyke

Peter L. Choyke, M.D., F.A.C.R.,

was elected to the Association of American Physicians.

C. Norman Coleman

C. Norman Coleman, M.D.,

received the D.A. Henderson Lifetime Achievement Award from NCI.

Curt Harris

Curtis C. Harris, M.D.,

received the Golden Circle Founder Award and the Chairpersons’ Circle Award at the 50th Anniversary Keystone Symposium. 

Mitchell Ho

Mitchell Ho, Ph.D.,

was elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. 

Elaine Jaffe

Elaine S. Jaffe, M.D.,

received the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Excellence in Science Lifetime Achievement Award and a 2023 HHS Secretary’s Award for Meritorious Service.

Doug Lowy

Douglas R. Lowy, M.D.,

received the 2022 Prince Mahidol Award in the field of Public Health. 

Tom Misteli

Tom Misteli, Ph.D.,

received the E.B. Wilson Medal from the American Society for Cell Biology.

Andre Nussenzweig

Andre Nussenzweig, Ph.D.,

was elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.  

Steven Pavletic

Steven Z. Pavletic, M.D., Ph.D.,

received the inaugural Lukas D. Wartman GVHD Achievement Award from the GVHD Alliance.

Steven Rosenberg

Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.,

received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from the President.

John Schiller

John T. Schiller, Ph.D.,

received the 2022 Prince Mahidol Award in the field of Public Health.

Joel Schneider

Joel P. Schneider, Ph.D.,

received the 2023 Cathay Award from the 17th Chinese Peptide Symposium.

Louis Staudt

Louis M. Staudt, M.D., Ph.D.,

received a 2023 HHS Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service.

Kandice Tanner

Kandice Tanner, Ph.D.,

received the Max Planck-Humboldt Medal from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the E.E. Just Award from the American Society for Cell Biology.

Naomi Taylor

Naomi Taylor, M.D., Ph.D.,

was elected to the Association of American Physicians.

Sandra Wolin

Sandra L. Wolin, M.D., Ph.D.,

was elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Robert Yarchoan

Robert Yarchoan, M.D.,

received a 2023 Career Achievement Award from the Department of Health and Human Services.   

Howard Young

Howard A. Young, Ph.D., 

was elected to the 2022 class of fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

CCR Research Recognition Awards

These awards provide resources and recognition to our staff and fellows for their crucial contributions and dedication to cancer research.

CCR Excellence in Postdoctoral Research Transition Award

Recognizes exceptional CCR postdoctoral fellows and facilitates their transition to an independent research position
at an academic institution:
Gwen Buel, Ph.D., Center for Structural Biology
Yilun Sun, Ph.D., Developmental Therapeutics Branch

CCR Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award

Recognizes outstanding Ph.D. students who conducted part or all of their thesis research at CCR:
Yevgen Levdansky, Ph.D., Max Planck Institute at the University of Tübingen, for work performed in the RNA Biology Laboratory
Katherine Masih, Ph.D., University of Cambridge NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program, for work performed in the Genetics Branch

Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Scientific Achievement Award

For outstanding and novel research which has led to important contributions to the fields of basic, clinical or
translational cancer research, technology development, computational biology or patient treatment:
Binwu Tang, Ph.D., Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics

Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Leadership Merit Award

In recognition of outstanding creativity and leadership in conducting any aspect of cancer research and patient care:
Matthew J. Anderson, Ph.D., Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory
Jennifer A. Kanakry, M.D., NIH Hematology Oncology Fellowship
Kathy McGraw, Ph.D., Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression 

Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Outstanding Mentor Award

For exceptional dedication and commitment to the mentoring of junior physicians:
Sofia R. Gameiro, Ph.D., Center for Immuno-Oncology
David Peeney, Ph.D., Laboratory of Pathology