Mitchell Ho, Ph.D.

Mitchell Ho, Ph.D.

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Dr. Ho has pioneered studies on the development of cell surface glypicans as new cancer therapeutic targets, with a focus on the generation of antibody engineering-based immunotherapies. His area of research ranges from the investigation of molecular and cellular mechanisms by which glypicans such as GPC1, GPC2, and GPC3 regulate Wnt and Yap signaling to the design of antibody and T cell-based therapeutics. His laboratory established mammalian cell display technology and built shark and camel single-domain antibody phage libraries as new high-throughput protein engineering tools to advance drug discovery. The immune therapeutics, including CAR-T cells, created in his laboratory, are being tested at clinical stages for treating liver cancers, pediatric cancers, mesothelioma, and other cancers. Dr. Ho is also the Director of the NCI CCR Antibody Engineering Program.

Areas of Expertise


Selected Recent Publications

Camel nanobody-based B7-H3 CAR-T cells show high efficacy against large solid tumours

Li D, Wang R, Liang T, Ren H, Park C, Tai CH, Ni W, Zhou J, Mackay S, Edmondson E, Khan J, Croix BS, Ho M.
Nat Commun. 14(1): 5920, 2023.
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The IgG4 hinge with CD28 transmembrane domain improves VHH-based CAR T cells targeting a membrane-distal epitope of GPC1 in pancreatic cancer

Li N, Quan A, Li D, Pan J, Ren H, Hoeltzel G, de Val N, Ashworth D, Ni W, Zhou J, Mackay S, Hewitt SM, Cachau R, Ho M.
Nat Commun. 14(1): 1986, 2023.
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Dromedary camel nanobodies broadly neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variants

Hong J, Kwon HJ, Cachau R, Chen CZ, Butay KJ, Duan Z, Li D, Ren H, Liang T, Zhu J, Dandey VP, Martin NP, Esposito D, Ortega-Rodriguez U, Xu M, Borgnia MJ, Xie H, Ho M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 119(18): e2201433119, 2022.
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CAR T cells targeting tumor-associated exons of glypican 2 regress neuroblastoma in mice

Li N, Torres MB, Spetz MR, Wang R, Peng L, Tian M, Dower CM, Nguyen R, Sun M, Tai CH, de Val N, Cachau R, Wu X, Hewitt SM, Kaplan RN, Khan J, St Croix B, Thiele CJ, Ho M.
Cell Rep Med. 2(6): 100297, 2021.
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Persistent Polyfunctional Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells That Target Glypican 3 Eliminate Orthotopic Hepatocellular Carcinomas in Mice

Li D, Li N, Zhang YF, Fu H, Feng M, Schneider D, Su L, Wu X, Zhou J, Mackay S, Kramer J, Duan Z, Yang H, Kolluri A, Hummer AM, Torres MB, Zhu H, Hall MD, Luo X, Chen J, Wang Q, Abate-Daga D, Dropulic B, Hewitt SM, Orentas RJ, Greten TF, Ho M.
Gastroenterology. 158(8): 2250-2265, 2020.
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Postbaccalaureate Fellow - CAR-T immunotherapy, antibody engineering B.S./B.A. or equivalent Dr. Mitchell Ho


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Received Intramural Targeted Anti-COVID-19 (ITAC) Awards for the project "Development of Neutralizing Nanobodies Against SARS-CoV-2" (NIH OIR, 09/29/2020)

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