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Kathy McGraw, Ph.D.

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Kathy McGraw, Ph.D. is a translational scientist with particular interests in the myeloid malignancies,  Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Her research focuses on delineating the mechanisms by which vast genetic diversity in MDS and AML converges upon pro-inflammatory pathways leading to chronic inflammation that may be therapeutically exploited. She is also Principal Investigator of the Comprehensive Molecular and Clinical Evaluation of Pediatric and Adult MDS (NCT05350748).

Areas of Expertise

Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Myeloid Malignancy
Innate Immunity

Myeloid Malignancies Program

A trans-NIH multidisciplinary network of researchers and clinicians dedicated to improving early detection, diagnosis, prognosis and development of novel therapeutics for myeloid malignancies.


Selected Key Publications

Somatic gene mutations expose cytoplasmic DNA to co-opt the cGAS/STING/NLRP3 axis in myelodysplastic syndromes

Amy F McLemore, Hsin-An Hou, Benjamin S Meyer, Nghi B Lam, Grace A Ward, Amy L Aldrich, Matthew A Rodrigues, Alexis Vedder, Ling Zhang, Eric Padron, Nicole D Vincelette, David A Sallman, Omar Abdel-Wahab, Alan F List, Kathy L McGraw
JCI Insight. 7 (15): e159430, 2022.
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Non-del(5q) myelodysplastic syndromes–associated loci detected by SNP-array genome-wide association meta-analysis

Kathy L. McGraw, corresponding author Chia-Ho Cheng, Y. Ann Chen, Hsin-An Hou, Björn Nilsson, Giulio Genovese, Thomas Cluzeau, Andrea Pellagatti, Bartlomiej P. Przychodzen, Mar Mallo, Leonor Arenillas, Azim Mohamedali, Lionel Adès, David A. Sallman, Eric Padron, Lubomir Sokol, Chimene Moreilhon, Sophie Raynaud, Hwei-Fang Tien, Jacqueline Boultwood, Benjamin L. Ebert, Francesc Sole, Pierre Fenaux, Ghulam J. Mufti, Jaroslaw P. Maciejewski, Peter A. Kanetsky and Alan F. List
Blood Advances. 22, 2019.
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Lenalidomide-Epoetin Alfa Versus Lenalidomide Monotherapy in Myelodysplastic Syndromes Refractory to Recombinant Erythropoietin

Alan F List, Zhuoxin Sun, Amit Verma, John M Bennett, Rami S Komrokji, Kathy McGraw, Jaroslaw Maciejewski, Jessica K Altman, Puneet S Cheema, David F Claxton, Selina M Luger, Ryan J Mattison, Timothy R Wassenaar, Andrew S Artz, Charles A Schiffer, Mark R Litzow, Martin S Tallman
JCO. 2021.
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Ribosome biogenesis is a downstream effector of the oncogenic U2AF1-S34F mutation

Abdalla Akef, Kathy McGraw, Steven D Cappell, Daniel R Larson
PLoS Biology. 2020.
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The NLRP3 inflammasome functions as a driver of the myelodysplastic syndrome phenotype

Ashley A Basiorka, Kathy L McGraw, Erika A Eksioglu, Xianghong Chen , Joseph Johnson , Ling Zhang, Qing Zhang, Brittany A Irvine, Thomas Cluzeau , David A Sallman, Eric Padron, Rami Komrokji, Lubomir Sokol, Rebecca C Coll, Avril A B Robertson , Matthew A Cooper, John L Cleveland, Luke A O'Neill, Sheng Wei, Alan F List
Blood. 2016.
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