Kandice Tanner, Ph.D.

Kandice Tanner, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Laboratory of Cell Biology


The Tanner lab focuses on understanding the metastatic traits that allow tumor cells to colonize secondary organs. Our interdisciplinary team includes physicists, engineers and cancer biologists. We have determined that cells can switch between different types of motility namely rotation, random and amoeboid when placed in 3D biomimetic platforms. We have linked the type of motility to the establishment of distinct multicellular architectures and tissue polarity. We leverage our expertise in optical microscopy to uncover in vivo mechanisms of metastasis using zebrafish as an animal model. Our current studies are focused on understanding how physical cues from the tissue microenvironment drive organ specific metastasis.

Areas of Expertise

Multimodal Imaging Platforms
3D Cell Culture


Selected Recent Publications

Preclinical models for drug discovery for metastatic disease

Wakefield L, Agarwal S, Tanner K.
Cell. 186: 2023.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

Rapid biomechanical imaging at low irradiation level via dual line-scanning Brillouin microscopy

Zhang J, Nikolic M, Tanner K, Scarcelli G.
Nature Methods. 2023.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

Tissue Architectural Cues Drive Organ Targeting of Tumor Cells in Zebrafish.

Paul, C., Bishop, K., Devine, A., Paine, E., Staunton, J., & Thomas, S., Jenkins, L., Morgan, N., Sood, R., Tanner, K
Cell Systems. 9(2): 187-206.e16, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Independent control of topography for three-dimensional patterning of the ECM microenvironment

Kim J, Staunton JR, and Tanner K.
Adv Mater. Jan 6;28(1) Epub 2015 Nov 9.: 132-7, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

Coherent angular motion in the establishment of multicellular architecture of glandular tissues

Tanner K, Mori H, Mroue R, Bruni-Cardoso A, and Bissell MJ.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109: 1973-8, 2012. [ Journal Article ]

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