Laboratory of Cell Biology group photo taken in October, 2023
Laboratory of Cell Biology - October 2023

The Laboratory of Cell Biology (LCB) studies the processing, transport, and metabolism of proteins and small molecules related to malignant transformation, metastasis, and multidrug resistance in cancer. The principal investigators of the laboratory, who are experts in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, structural biology, cellular regulation of cell growth and metabolism, resistance to anticancer drugs, and the physics of cell-matrix interactions, work on research projects related to those topics. The Multidrug Resistance Section studies the molecular basis of anticancer drug resistance, while the Transport Biochemistry Section investigates the biochemistry of energy-dependent transporters. Post-translational regulation of the tumor suppressor p53 and the roles of Wip1 in promoting cellular proliferation are the focus of the Chemical Immunology Section, while the DNA and Nucleoproteins Section is involved in computational and experimental studies of nucleic acid-protein interactions. The Crystallography Section works on X-ray crystallography of membrane proteins and protein complexes and the Tissue Morphodynamics Unit studies how normal and cancer cells modify their environments to promote normal differentiation and cancer cell metastasis. Finally, our newest group, the RNA Metabolism and Epitranscriptomics Unit, investigates how the RNA epigenome modulates gene expression during development and when confronted by disease. (Please see webpages for LCB investigators for further details.) The LCB also includes three Cores, one that deals with molecular modeling, one with mass spectrometry, and one that provides cryo-EM analysis. Joint journal clubs and data presentations among some sections, and laboratory-wide research seminars facilitate the sharing of expertise and help to foster collaborations among LCB staff.

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