Michael  Maurizi, Ph.D.

Michael Maurizi, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Laboratory of Cell Biology


Dr. Maurizi conducted seminal studies uncovering the presence and importance of multi-component ATP-dependent proteases in bacterial cells. His biochemical and structural studies of Clp protease complexes helped generate current models of the mechanism by which these and other molecular machines recognize, unfold, and degrade intracellular proteins. Current research is focused on N-end rule degradation as a major pathway for cellular protein quality control. As Head of the Biochemistry of Proteins Section Dr. Maurizi directed a multi-disciplinary research program that combined genetics, biochemistry, and high-resolution structural analysis to study the regulatory pathways in which intracellular proteolysis plays a major role and the properties and behavior of the molecular machines that carry out ATP-dependent proteolysis.

Areas of Expertise

1) protein biochemistry 2) ATP-dependent protein degradation 3) post-translational regulation 4) protein quality control 5) bacterial stress responses 6) mitochondrial stress responses