Research programs in the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics (LCBG) are focused on human genetics, developing new cancer models, and investigating molecular mechanisms, including genetic/epigenetic regulation of gene expression, cell signaling, cell cycle, stemness, oncogene and non-oncogene addiction, and tumor cell-microenvironment interactions. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms underlying cancer initiation and metastatic progression and develop new treatments while nurturing the training and development of the next generation of scientists.

Job Vacancies

Position Degree Required Contact Name Contact Email
Postdoctoral Fellow - Pericytes, metastatic microenvironment Ph.D. or equivalent Meera Murgai


The LCBG is committed to providing a rich and supportive training environment to prepare the next generation of cancer researchers for their future careers. We offer many unique in-house training opportunities tailored to meet the specific needs of our trainees.