Jing  Huang, Ph.D.

Jing Huang, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Huang’s group explores transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in stem cells and cancer. His earlier research focused on understanding the role of p53 in embryonic stem cells and embryonic development. Currently, the team is dedicated to identifying and targeting transcriptional and epigenetic vulnerabilities in osteosarcoma and breast cancer, aiming to develop innovative therapeutic strategies. To achieve this objective, Dr. Huang's team investigates the functions of several transcription factors (p53, CBFB, and RUNXs) and employs various approaches, including molecular, biochemical, epigenetic, and genomic techniques, as well as utilizing mouse models and human samples.

Areas of Expertise


Selected Recent Publications

Dysregulation of mitochondrial translation caused by CBFB deficiency cooperates with mutant PIK3CA and is a vulnerability in breast cancer

Navdeep Malik , Young-Im Kim , Hualong Yan , Yu-Chou Tseng , Wendy du Bois , Gamze Ayaz , Andy D Tran , Laura Vera Ramírez , Howard H Yang , Aleksandra M Michalowski , Michael Kruhlak , Maxwell Lee , Kent W Hunter , Jing Huang
Cancer Research. 2023. [ Journal Article ]

CBFB cooperates with p53 to maintain TAp73 expression and suppress breast cancer

Malik N, Yan H, Yang HH, Ayaz G, DuBois W, Tseng YC, Kim YI, Jiang S, Liu C, Lee M, Huang J
PLOS Genetics. 12(2): e1009553, 2021.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

Fatty acid oxidation is required for embryonic stem cell survival during metabolic stress

Yan H, Malik N, Kim YI, He Y, Li M, Dubois W, Liu H, Peat TJ, Nguyen JT, Tseng YC, Ayaz G, Alzamzami W, Chan K, Andresson T, Tessarollo L, Mock BA, Lee MP, Huang J
EMBO Reports. 22(6): e52122, 2021.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

The transcription factor CBFB suppresses breast cancer through orchestrating translation and transcription

Malik N, Yan H, Moshkovich N, Palangat M, Yang H, Sanchez V, Cai Z, Peat TJ, Jiang S, Liu C, Lee M, Mock BA, Yuspa SH, Larson D, Wakefield LM, Huang J
Nature Communications. 2019. [ Journal Article ]

An Apela RNA-Containing Negative Feedback Loop Regulates p53-Mediated Apoptosis in Embryonic Stem Cells

Li M, Gou H, Tripathi BK, Huang J, Jiang S, Dubois W, Waybright T, Lei M, Shi J, Zhou M, Huang J
Cell Stem Cell. 16(6): 669-683, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

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Congratulations to Payel, who has been selected to give an oral presentation in the Genetics, Genomics, Chromatin, Signal Transduction and Transcription section of the 2024 CCR-FYI colloquium. She will present her study on transcriptional condensates in osteosarcoma.

Shunlin, our longest-serving member in the laboratory, will retire at the end of 2023. Having served as the lab manager for more than 12 years, we are deeply indebted to him for his dedication and contributions. Congratulations, Shunlin, on achieving another milestone in your life! We will miss you.

Gamze Ayaz was awarded "Best Poster Award" at the 1st LCBG lab retreat in 2023. Congratulations!

Hualong Yan, Young-Im Kim, and Gamze Ayaz were invited to present their osteosarcoma studies at the 2023 Cancer R&D conference in Boston. Congratulations!

Young-Im was honored with the Proteomics Scientific Interest Group Award in 2024 for her study utilizing proteomic techniques to delineate transcriptional networks in osteosarcoma. This award is highly competitive, bestowed upon only one recipient out of approximately 200 who have received FARE awards. She will also be presenting a seminar for the interest group. Congratulations!

We hit the jackpot this year. Congratulations to Young-Im, Gamze, and Shasha for winning three 2024 FARE awards!!!

Congratulations to Gamze and Hualong for co-won the 2023 Federal Technology Transfer Award!

Congratulations to Hualong for receiving the Outstanding Oral Presentation Award for his study on the epigenetic regulation and therapeutic strategies of osteosarcoma! This highly competitive award is granted to only four recipients out of approximately 200 FYI participants.

Hualong and Young-Im have been chosen by the 2023 CCR-FYI Colloquium to deliver oral presentations. This opportunity is given to only 16 fellows out of a pool of about 200 participants. Congratulations to both!

Payel joined the team. Welcome!

Hualong received a 2023 FARE award. Congratulations!

Navdeep will be joining, a startup biotech company in Boston, to lead a team of scientists applying extracellular vesicles in stem cell gene therapy. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!

Young-Im received a 2022 FARE award. Congratulations!

Yu-Chou will be joining Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical arm in 2022 to lead a team of scientists in conducting in vivo testing of chemicals and biologicals for cancer treatment. Congratulations on this significant achievement!