By the Numbers

  • 245Open Clinical Trials
  • 50New Clinical Trials
  • 2,068New Patients
  • 238Principal Investigators
  • 24New Faculty Recruits
  • 8Newly Tenured Investigators
  • ~300Staff Scientists/Staff Clinicians
  • ~500Technical Lab Staff
  • ~800Postdoctoral/Clinical Fellows
  • ~250Postbaccalaureate/Predoctoral Students
  • ~500Summer Students
  • >1,000Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • 46Technology Facilities

Technology Transfer Activities

  • 59New Employee Invention Reports
  • 49Issued U.S. Patents
  • 27New Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA)
  • 13of these are Clinical CRADAs
  • 184Active CRADAs
  • 83of these are Clinical CRADAs
  • 18New Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs)
  • 74Active CTAs
  • 103New Licenses for NCI Technologies
  • 576Active Licenses
  • 4FDA Breakthrough Drug Designations

The NCI Technology Transfer Center (TTC) works to enable and guide collaboration, invention development and licensing to advance today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s medical care. TTC supports technology development activities for NCI in therapeutics, diagnostics, research tools, vaccines, devices and software, and facilitates partnerships with outside organizations so that NCI discoveries can reach the public in a timely manner.

For information on licensing and co-development opportunities, contact the TTC Invention Development and Marketing Unit(, or visit for more information.