CCR News: Clinical Trials

Large B-cell lymphoma

Clinical trial studies combination therapy for B-cell lymphoma that has spread to the central nervous system

Oct 15, 2019

Mark Roschewski, M.D., Senior Clinician in the Lymphoid Malignancies Branch, is leading a study of a combination therapy to treat aggressive B-cell lymphoma that has spread to the brain and spinal cord. Read more...

Bone anatomy

Clinical trial tests chemotherapy dose for graft-versus-host disease after bone marrow transplant

Oct 11, 2019

The use of cyclophosphamide after hematopoietic cell transplantation (post-transplantation cyclophosphamide) may reduce the risk of severe forms of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), particularly chronic GVHD. Christopher G. Kanakry, M.D., Investigator in the Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch, is conducting a clinical trial to test if an intermediate dose of this drug is better than higher doses as well as evaluating the optimal time to give this drug. Read more...

Amy LeBlanc

Amy LeBlanc discusses how dogs are helping cure childhood cancers

Oct 7, 2019

Amy LeBlanc, D.V.M., Director of the Center for Cancer Research’s Comparative Oncology Program, was recently featured in an Everyday Health article that discusses the importance of studying the connection between cancer in dogs and cancer in children. Dr. LeBlanc says, “By studying [dogs] in the context of clinical trials, it can advance new concepts and better treatment for humans and, potentially, for dogs as patients themselves.” Read more...

Follicular lymphoma

Clinical trial evaluates dual drug therapy for untreated follicular lymphoma

Sep 5, 2019

Follicular lymphoma (FL) is a cancer of white blood cells (B cells) that help your body fight infections. Investigators are leading a clinical trial at the NIH Clinical Center to see if a combination therapy can slow the growth of FL in patients who have not received prior treatment.  Read more...

CAR T-cell therapy

New clinical trial tests CAR T-cell therapy for multiple myeloma

Aug 26, 2019

James N. Kochenderfer, M.D., Investigator in the Surgery Branch, is leading a study of a new way to treat multiple myeloma (MM) that uses a patient’s own T cells to target MM cells. MM is a rare blood cancer that occurs in blood, tissues, bone and bone marrow. With MM, a group of plasma cells become cancerous and multiply, crowding out healthy blood cells.  Read more...

lymphoma cells

Clinical trial tests combination therapy in untreated aggressive B-cell lymphomas

Aug 22, 2019

The Lymphoid Malignancies Branch is leading a study of a combination therapy for aggressive B-cell lymphomas using a drug that interferes with the activity of an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the development of B cells and in the cellular signaling that allows cancerous cells to multiply and survive.  Read more...

Hernandez clinical trial conversation

Clinical Trial Conversation: Jonathan Hernandez describes metastatic colorectal cancer clinical trial

Jul 8, 2019

Colorectal cancer (CRC) starts in the colon and/or rectum and often metastasizes, or spreads, to many sites in the body. In a certain set of patients, however, CRC metastasizes only to the liver. Jonathan Hernandez, M.D., of the Surgical Oncology Program, is leading a new clinical trial to study how well CRC patients with liver-only metastases respond to treatment with a hepatic artery infusion pump. Dr. Hernandez describes the trial in this new video. Read more...

Combination IL-15

Clinical trial tests immunotherapy combination to treat T-cell cancers

Jun 28, 2019

The Center for Cancer Research’s Lymphoid Malignancies Branch is testing a combination treatment for patients whose mature T-cell cancer has returned after therapy or has not responded to therapy using avelumab, an immunotherapy agent that enhances the activity of immune cells and blocks a protein pathway that allows cancer cells to hide from the immune system. Read more...

HPV 16

Clinical trial will test immunotherapy against precancerous vulvar lesions

Jun 27, 2019

Scientists at the Center for Cancer Research are launching a phase II clinical trial to evaluate the effect of a single immunotherapy treatment on precancerous lesions that put women at risk for vulvar cancer. Like the cell-based immunotherapies now used to treat certain blood cancers, the experimental treatment aims to use patients’ own immune cells to fight disease. Read more...


Pediatric Oncology Branch patient shares neurofibromatosis journey at NIH

Jun 18, 2019

Xavier, a patient in the Pediatric Oncology Branch, was born with an incompletely formed leg bone and a large number of dark spots all over his body. When Xavier broke his weak leg at only 11 months of age, he was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). He came to the NIH for treatment, and his tumors have shrunk by more than 20 percent thanks to treatment with selumetinib. Read more...