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Focus Area: Early Detection, Population Studies

viral structure

A new blood test that may improve liver cancer screening

NCI Press Release, June 11, 2020

LCP scientists have developed a new test that can help identify people who are likely to develop hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer. This method uses a simple blood test to check for the patient’s previous exposure to certain viruses. Read more...

Focus Area: Early Detection, Population Studies

Dr. Wang discusses a new blood test to identify those likely to develop liver cancer

CancerNetwork, July 14, 2020

In this interview with CancerNetwork, Xin Wei Wang, Ph.D., discusses the clinical utility of a new blood test and how it could potentially change liver cancer diagnoses moving forward.  View interview...

Focus Area: Treatment

Hepatocellular carcinoma

Clinical trial to determine whether antibiotics can boost immune response in treating liver cancer

CCR News, May 14, 2019

In this clinical trial, patients with liver cancer will be given antibiotics, along with two drugs, to explore whether manipulating microbes within the gut of a patient can boost their immune system’s response to the disease. Read more...  

Focus Area: Treatment

A combination of immunotherapy and radiation therapy aims to help T cells better target cancer cells

Clinical trial finds combination therapy effective for some biliary cancer patients

CCR News, January 28, 2019

An early-phase clinical trial has established that the immunotherapy agent tremelimumab, combined with microwave ablation therapy, is safe for patients with advanced biliary tract cancer (BTC). Read more...

Focus Area: Prognosis

Dr. Budhu discusses potential molecular markers in liver cancer

OncLive, October 11, 2019

In this interview with OncLive, Anuradha S. Budhu, Ph.D., discusses using molecular features as predictive markers in liver cancer. View interview...

What's Next in Liver Cancer Research

What's Next in Liver Cancer Research

October 30, 2018

Drs. Budhu, Greten and McGlynn join Twitter Live to discuss ‘What’s Next in Liver Cancer Research’.

Focus Area:  Prognosis

mosaicA mosaic of liver tumor cells

Milestones 2020

Tumors are complex communities of cells. Cancerous cells intermingle with noncancerous cells, and additional diversity arises as a tumor’s cancer cells divide and acquire new genetic mutations. Now, LCP scientists have discovered that the extent of cellular diversity within a tumor may shape its response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in patients with liver cancer. Read more...


Focus Area: Treatment

scanning electron micrograph of microbiomeLiver tumors link to the microbiome

CCR Milestones  2019

LCP scientists show how bacteria that live in the gut can hinder the immune system’s ability to control tumors in the liver. Read more...

Focus Area: Diagnosis

plate of vegetables and fruitSelective CD4+ T Cell Loss Promotes Liver Cancer Development

CCR Milestones 2017

LCP research identified a novel link between obesity-induced lipid accumulation and selective CD4+ T cell loss, which impairs tumor immunity and enhances liver cancer development. These findings shed light on how metabolic changes promote NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)-related liver cancer. Read more...


2021 Seminars (virtual)

(virtual seminars are held at 2PM EST unless otherwise noted)

February 26  (12:00-1:00PM) 
Xin Wei Wang, PhD., Co-Director, NCI CCR Liver Cancer Program and Deputy Chief, Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis
CCR Grand Rounds: Defining Liver Cancer Heterogeneity-New Challenges and Opportunities
Join by WebEx; Join by phone: 1-650-479-3207

CCR Grand Rounds Xin Wei Wang February 26 2021


March 25  Jill Koshiol, PhD, Senior Investigator, Infections and Immunoepidemiology Branch, DCEG

April 22  Bernadette Redd, MD, Staff Clinician, Radiology and Imaging Sciences, NIH

May 20  Hao Zhu, MD, Associate Professor, Children's Research Institute at UT Southwestern

June 21  Jesper Andersen, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen (*10am EST)

September 30  Eli Pikarsky, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (*10am EST)

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