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CCR researchers receive an array of HHS awards

Three CCR researchers received prestigious awards from the Department of Health and Human Services on September 28, 2023. They are being recognized for their excellence, dedication and achievements in their respective research fields.

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Aligned Blog: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the histories cultures and contributions of “American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.” This year, we learned about Hispanic pioneers in the biomedical workforce and interviewed some of CCR’s very own. 

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Shining a light on an elusive cancer metabolite

Researchers have long sought a means for subcellular imaging of acetyl-CoA, a metabolite suspected to play a critical role in turning genes on and off. In an important advance, CCR researchers have invented a glowing biosensor to detect the elusive metabolite, paving the way for future studies.

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