A. Rouf Banday

A. Rouf Banday, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Genitourinary Malignancies Branch


The overarching goal of Rouf Banday's research is to understand the genomic alterations that govern the development of bladder cancer and confer resistance to therapies. His laboratory uses multi-omics, and in vitro/in vivo functional genomics approaches to identify cancer dependencies, and biomarkers for response and survival in patients with cancer. Dr. Banday's studies have identified genetic and molecular mechanisms that regulate APOBEC-mediated mutagenesis, a major mutational process in bladder cancer.

Areas of Expertise

1) genetics 2) functional genomics 3) bladder cancer 4) RNA splicing 5) APOBEC-mediated mutagenesis 6) immunity


Selected Key Publications

Targeting natural splicing plasticity of APOBEC3B restricts its expression and mutagenic activity

Rouf Banday A, Onabajo OO, Lin SH, Obajemu A, Vargas JM, Delviks-Frankenberry KA, Lamy P, Bayanjargal A, Zettelmeyer C, Florez-Vargas O, Pathak VK, Dyrskjøt L, Prokunina-Olsson L.
Commun Biol. 4(1): 86, 2021. [ Journal Article ]

Interferons and viruses induce a novel truncated ACE2 isoform and not the full-length SARS-CoV-2 receptor

Onabajo OO#, Banday AR#, Stanifer ML, Yan W, Obajemu A, Santer DM, Florez-Vargas O, Piontkivska H, Vargas JM, Ring TJ, Kee C, Doldan P, Tyrrell DL, Mendoza JL, Boulant S, Prokunina-Olsson L. #Co-first authors
Nat Genet. 52(12): 1283-1293, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

APOBEC-mediated Mutagenesis as a Likely Cause of FGFR3 S249C Mutation Over-representation in Bladder Cancer

Shi MJ#, Meng XY#, Lamy P#, Banday AR#, Yang J, Moreno-Vega A, Chen CL, Dyrskjøt L, Bernard-Pierrot I, Prokunina-Olsson L, Radvanyi F. #Co-first authors
Eur Urol. 76(1): 9-13, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Association of germline variants in the APOBEC3 region with cancer risk and enrichment with APOBEC-signature mutations in tumors

Middlebrooks CD#, Banday AR#, Matsuda K, Udquim KI, Onabajo OO, Paquin A, Figueroa JD, Zhu B, Koutros S, Kubo M, Shuin T, Freedman ND, Kogevinas M, Malats N, Chanock SJ, Garcia-Closas M, Silverman DT, Rothman N, Prokunina-Olsson L. #Co-first authors
Nat Genet. 48(11): 1330-1338, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

Identification of a novel susceptibility locus at 13q34 and refinement of the 20p12.2 region as a multi-signal locus associated with bladder cancer risk in individuals of European ancestry

Figueroa JD#, Middlebrooks CD#, Banday AR#, Ye Y, Garcia-Closas M, Chatterjee N, Koutros S, Kiemeney LA, Rafnar T, Bishop T, Furberg H, Matullo G, Golka K, Gago-Dominguez M, Taylor JA, et al. #Co-first authors
Hum Mol Genet. 25(6): 1203-14, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

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