Contact Our Clinical Team

For Patients

Our care team contacts any prospective patients within 48 hours after your email to collect basic information and give further instructions. We may require a medical summary, relevant diagnostic notes, pathology reports, and additional materials as indicated.

For Healthcare Professionals

With the patient’s permission, we will keep their primary physician, hematologist, or oncologist fully informed and involved in their care. After consultation, the physician (or nurse practitioner) will contact the patient’s primary physician to coordinate care and follow up plans.


Please contact us with any inquiry or clinical case you would like to discuss by emailing Ashley Carpenter.

Clinical Director:

Steven Pavletic, MD (NCI-CCR/ID-CTP)

Clinical Team:

Peter D. Aplan, MD (NCI-CCR/GB)
Katherine R. Calvo, MD, PhD (NIH/CC)
Lea Cunningham, MD (NCI-CCR/ID-CTP)
Grace-Ann Fasaye, ScM (NCI-CCR/GB)
Dennis Hickstein, MD (NCI-CCR/ID-CTP)
Noa G. Holtzman, MD (NCI-CCR/ID-CTP)
Christopher Kanakry, MD (NCI-CCR/ETIB)
Rosandra Kaplan, MD (NCI-CCR/POB)
Lisa McReynolds, MD, PhD (NCI/DCEG)
Alain Mina, MD (NCI-CCR/ID-CTP)
Nirali Shah, MD, MHSc (NCI-CCR/POB)
John Shern, MD (NCI-CCR/POB)
Eduard Schulz, MD (NIH/NCI)
Naoko Takebe, MD, PhD (NCI/DCTD)