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Travel Awards, Fall HIV/AIDS & Cancer Virology Think Tank Meeting 2023

The NCI’s 2023 Annual CEHCV Fall Think Tank was held on December 8th 2023 at Bethesda campus.  This one-day event is designed to facilitate the exchange of information about advances in the discovery, development, and delivery of antiviral and immunologic approaches for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection, AIDS-related malignancies, and cancer-associated viruses and encourage collaboration.  Opening remarks were held by Vinay Pathak (DRP) and Cynthia Masision (OSP).  John Schiller (NIH) kicked off this year’s event with his talk “The Surprises in Developing HPV Virus-Like Particles as an HPV Prophylactic Vaccine and a Broad-Spectrum Cancer Therapy”.  Followed by the afternoon session guest speaker Genoveffa Franchini on “Innate and Adaptive Immunity to Prevent SIV/HIV infection”.

Invited speakers from the DRP included, Lulu Yu (Zheng lab), Joshua Gluck (Kearney lab), Yuta Hikichi (Freed lab), Ryan Burdick (Pathak lab), Jonathan Kitzrow (Hu lab), and Annemarie Glassy (Maldarelli lab).  Session chairs included the DRP’s staff scientist’s Alice Duchon (Hu lab) and Abdul Waheed (Freed lab).

Travel awards were presented to Yukta Hikichi (Freed lab) and Ryan Burdick (Pathak lab) for outstanding oral presentations.  In addition, both Linsey Farr (Freed lab) and Binh Nguyen (Freed lab) won travel awards for outstanding poster presentations.

To view this event a videocast is available here.


Members of the DRP at the CEHCV Fall Think Tank 2023

Above: members of the DRP presenting their posters.

12th Annual David Derse Memorial Lecture and Award: Louis Mansky