Additional Information

Clover Stubbert received her B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology at Cal State Monterey in Seaside, California. While there she was an undergraduate researcher at the Stanford University Hopkins Marine Station in Dr. Chris Lowe’s lab, where she worked on developing RNAi protocols for hemichordate acorn worms and studied gene expression and stem cell localization during metamorphosis. While a NCI CRTA Postbaccalaureate Researcher in the Davies lab, Clover adapted irradiation-based assays to study stem cell potency and behavior in planarian embryos. She also investigated roles for planarian stem cells in the acquisition of whole-body regenerative abilities during embryogenesis. Clover is now a first-year graduate student at UCLA in the Molecular Biology Interdepartmental Ph.D. program, in the Cell and Developmental Biology Home Area.