Center for Advanced Preclinical Research: Teams

Preclinical Evaluation

Headed by Zoe Weaver Ohler, Ph.D.

  • Efficacy studies on therapeutic candidates
  • Molecular and in-vivo imaging endpoints
  • Biodistribution (PK/PD)
  • Biomarkers/molecular signatures of treatment response 

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Preclinical Technology and Optimization

Headed by Serguei Kozlov, Ph.D., MBA

  • Throughput/scale up facilitation
  • ES and iPSC technologies for non-germline cohorts and preservation
  • Optimization/retooling of GEMs
  • Preclinical evaluation of/in PDAC models

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Histopathology and Animal Research Support

Headed by Laura Bassel, Ph.D., DVM, DACVP

  • Histopathology, Molecular Pathology,
  • BioBank: TMAs, tissues, blocks, slides (glass/digital), fluids, nucleic acids 

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