POB Post-Doctoral Training


Medical or research graduates holding a doctoral degree can elect to continue their education as postdoctoral fellows through Cancer Research Training Awards or as post-doctoral fellows funded by private organizations. The NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education works with the CCR Office of Training and Education  to offer a number of services to enhance the educational opportunities of NIH/NCI postdoctoral trainees that can be found in the Postdoc Handbook.  

Post-doc Alumni Spotlight: Meera Murgai PhD


Dr. Meera Murgai studied computer science and biology at the University of Mary Washington, and completed her Ph.D. in experimental pathology at the University of Virginia in the lab of Gary Owens, where she studied tumor angiogenesis. During her training in the Owens’ lab, she became interested in the contribution of stromal cell function to tumor metastasis and progression, and applied for a postdoctoral fellowship in the Tumor Microenvironment Section, led by Dr. Rosandra Kaplan, since she is one of the leading researchers in the area of the “metastatic niche”.

One important lesson that Dr. Murgai has learned while at the NIH is to take advantage of the many resources available to postdoctoral fellows to further their research and career goals. “The wonderful environment in the Pediatric Oncology Branch is just as important to our training as are the projects that we undertake while here.”

In 2019, Dr. Murgai accepted a position in the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics as an NIH Stadtman Investigator (tenure-track investigator), and will continue to perform cutting-edge biomedical research here at the NCI.