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Jing Wu, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Building 37, Room 1142A
  • Bethesda, MD 20892
  • 240-760-6036
  • 301-480-5124
Neuro-Oncology Branch


Dr. Wu is an investigator and clinical neuro-oncologist. Her clinical interests revolve around understanding challenges in neuro-oncology care, and developing laboratory and clinical research programs to understand glioma biology and investigate novel therapeutic approaches to improve patient clinical outcomes. Her goal is to observe phenotypes and gaps in knowledge through her clinical practice, in order to address these questions in the laboratory and subsequently develop hypothesis-based clinical trials. 

There are two facets to Dr. Wu’s research. First, she seeks to understand gliomas that exhibit an aggressive phenotype, in order to develop a diagnostic tool to monitor their transformation from low-grade to high-grade disease when they exhibit rapid growth. Her second goal is to test the efficacy of the multi-kinase inhibitor TG02 in clinical trials, in order to understand its effects on high-grade astrocytomas and IDH-mutant gliomas. 

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Areas of Expertise

1) Neuro-oncology 2) Neurology 3) Glioma 4) Translational research 5) Clinical trials 6) IDH-mutant gliomas

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Selected Key Publications

Phase I Study of Zotiraciclib in Combination with Temozolomide for Patients with Recurrent High-grade Astrocytomas.

Jing Wu J, Yuan Y, Priel DAL, Fink D, Peer CJ , Sissung TM, Su Y, Pang Y, Yu G, Butler MK, Mendoza TR, Vera E, Ahmad S, Bryla C, Lindsley M, Grajkowska E, Mentges K, Boris L, Antony R, Garren N, Siegel C, Lollo N, Cordova C, Aboud O, Theeler BJ, Burton EM, Penas-Prado M, Leeper H, Gonzales J, Armstrong TS, Calvo KR, Figg WD, Kuhns DB, Gallin JI, Gilbert MR.
Clinical Cancer Research. 27(12): 3298-3306, 2021. [ Journal Article ]

A Bayesian Adaptive Randomized Phase II Multicenter Trial of Bevacizumab with or without Vorinostat in Adults with Recurrent Glioblastoma.

Puduvalli VK, Wu J, Yuan Y, Armstrong TS, Vera E, Wu JM, Xu J, Giglio P, Colman H, Walbert T, Raizer J, Groves MD, Tran D, Iwamoto F, Avgeropoulos N, Paleologos N, Fink K, Peereboom D, Chamberlain M, Merrell R, Penas Prado M, Yung WKA, Gilbert MR.
Neuro-Oncology. 22: 1505–1515 , 2020. [ Journal Article ]

MerTK inhibition decreases immune suppressive glioblastoma-associated macrophages and neoangiogenesis in glioblastoma microenvironment.

Su YT, Butler M, Zhang M, Zhang W, Song H, Hwang L, Tran A, Bash RE, Schorzman AN, Pang Y, Yu G, Zamboni WC, Wang X, Frye SV, Miller, Maric C, Terabe M, Gilbert MR, Earp III HS, Wu J.
Neuro-Oncology Advances. 2(1): 1–13, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

Novel Targeting of Transcription and Metabolism in Glioblastoma

Su YT, Chen R, Wang HR, Song H, Lappin H, Vasconcelos G, Lita A, Mric D, Celiku O, Li AG, Zhang W, Larion M, Abu-Asab M, Zhuang P,Yang CZ, Gilbert MR, Wu J
Clinical Cancer Research. 24: 1124-1137, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Chemosensitivity of IDH1-Mutated Gliomas Due to an Impairment in PARP1-Mediated DNA Repair

Lu YX, Kwintkiewicz J, Liu Y, Tech K, Frady LN, Su YT, Bautista W, Moon S, MacDonald J, Ewend ME, Gilbert MR, Yang CZ, Wu J
Cancer Research. 77: 1709-1718, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

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