Neuro-Oncology Branch Clinical Research Team

Our highly trained physicians develop and conduct a wide range of clinical trials in a quest to develop the medicines of tomorrow.

NOP doctor and patient

Patient Care

Consultations with branch providers at the Neuro-Oncology Clinic in Bethesda, Maryland include our neuro-oncology physicians, nurse practitioners, research nurses, and social workers. While NIH does not cover expenses for medical services at other facilities, tests and treatments at NIH are free-of-charge after a patient is accepted on clinical study.


Need to make an appointment or refer a patient?

At the Neuro-Oncology Clinic, we provide consultations free-of-charge for patients who are recently diagnosed with a primary brain or spinal cord tumor, those seeking a second opinion on their diagnosis or treatment, or those who have recurrent tumors.


Clinical Trials


Clinical Collaborator
Brett Theeler, M.D.
Clinical Fellow
Sushant Puri, M.D.
Clinical Rotator
Kevin Breen, M.D.
Special Volunteer
Edina Komlodi-Pasztor, M.D., Ph.D.
Nurse Practitioner
Lisa Boris
Nurse Practitioner
Nicole Lollo
Nurse Practitioner
Marissa Panzer
Nurse Practitioner
Tina Pillai
Nurse Practitioner
Lily Polskin
Research Nurse
Matthew Lindsley
Research Nurse
Kelly Mentges
Research Nurse
Kathleen Wall
Research Nurse
Karen Evans
Research Nurse
Tricia Kunst
Clinical Research Coordinator
Anna Choi
Thomas Wall, D.O.
Data Manager
Ewa Grajkowska
Data Manager
John Kohrs
Patient Care Coordinator
Tracy Ani
Patient Care Coordinator
Jennifer Harris
Patient Care Coordinator
Kristen Oshin

Network Teams

Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC) Team

Contact our BTTC team at or call 240-760-6060.

  • Jennifer Reyes, Protocol Coordinator
  • Claudia Chambers, Protocol Coordinator
  • Ying Yuan, Statistician

NCI-CONNECT (Comprehensive Oncology Network Evaluating Rare CNS Tumors) Team

Contact our NCI-CONNECT team at or call 240-760-6530.

  • Marta Penas-Prado, Senior Clinician
  • Byram Ozer, Assistant Research Physician
  • Nicole Lollo, Nurse Practitioner
  • Kathleen Wall, Research Nurse
  • Kristen Oshin, Patient Care Coordinator
  • Brittany Cordeiro, Project Manager
  • Raleigh McElvery, Scientific Communications Editor