Histopathology and Animal Research Support Team

The Pathology team headed by Dr Laura Bassel is responsible for model characterization, developing/optimizing methods for biomarker detection, and the quantification of response to drug treatment/resistance. The CAPR Animal Resources section headed by our colony manager Theresa Guerin is dedicated to breeding and implementing experimental protocols on the transgenic mice that form the foundation for CAPRs preclinical mouse models of human cancer. 


Laura Bassel Ph.D., DVM, DACVP
Wendi Custer
Research Associate 2
​Theresa Guerin
Research Associate 3
Animal Colony Manager
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Stephanie Springer
Senior Laboratory Animal Technician
Sandra Navas Reyes
Senior Laboratory Animal Technician
Cherry Lian
Senior Laboratory Animal Technician





  • Complete histopathology laboratory for producing H&E, IHC, IFC slides
  • Gross necropsy of preclinical models and diagnostic health cases
  • Histopathological analysis including model characterization, and disease grading/staging
  • Histopathological evaluation of drug toxicity
  • Development/optimization of immunohistochemical/immunofluorescent biomarker detection
  • Manual semi-quantitative scoring of disease severity and response to drug treatment/resistance
  • Automated quantification of drug efficacy/resistance
  • Digital slide scanning and archiving