Theresa Guerin

theresa guerinTheresa Guerin oversees animal colony management and provides support in breeding experimental animal cohort, preparing documentation for CAPR preclinical studies, as well as assistance in designing drug treatment plans. She also maintains multiple database resources.


  • Multiple aspects of animal colony management and comprehensive workflows in experimental animal husbandry, health monitoring and welfare
  • Breeding and maintenance of genetically engineered animal models for cancer and other clinically challenges diseases for the purpose of disease assessment and evaluation of candidate therapies
  • Broad spectrum of animal dosing with experimental therapeutics and surgery skills, including implantation/resection of tumor tissues, othotopic administration of infectious materials, injection of vascular tracers via the jugular vein, etc. 
  • Design and implementation of databases and other information technology tools to support animal colony and preclinical experimentation infrastructure needs
  • Management of compliance documentation, including biosafety protocols and animal care and use committee (ACUC ) regulatory submissions
  • Project management and documentation for preclinical studies in GEM animal cohorts

Prior Experience

Research Analyst Principal, Kentucky Pediatric Research Institute, University of Kentucky.

Acquired skills in lipoprotein separation, tissue culture, verification and maintenance of cell stocks in liquid nitrogen, transfection and selection of clonal cell lines, western blot analysis of proteins in vivo and in vitro, indirect immunofluorescence, atherosclerotic lesion analysis, lipoprotein uptake assay, cholesterol uptake assay, efflux assay, quantification of proteins (micro-Bradford and micro-Lowry assays), TCA precipitation of proteins, immuno-precipitation of proteins, caveolae isolation preps, DNA isolation, quantification of DNA, PCR (for genotyping the mice). Upon completion of initial training, moved onto the animal research working with several principle investigators and other medical faculty members in the Pediatric department at the University of Kentucky. Participated in research projects encompassing a broad range of areas including obesity/diabetes, wound healing, atherosclerosis, inflammation, heart function and lung function. 

B.S. in Forensic Science, Fairmount State College, West Virginia, 2001