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Pamela L. Wolters, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Pediatric Oncology Branch


Dr. Wolters leads a clinical research program that characterizes the longitudinal effects of disease and treatment on neuropsychological functioning and quality of life (QOL) in children and adults with chronic illness, including cancer and NF1. She explores relations between neuropsychological outcomes, disease parameters, and other factors to better understand the etiology of these effects. She develops novel assessment tools including patient-reported outcomes to assess QOL and pain. Her findings guide the development and evaluation of novel interventions to ameliorate the detrimental effects of illness and treatments. Specifically, Dr. Wolters is pioneering the use of physical activity to improve the cognitive late effects of radiation-induced cognitive impairments in children with brain tumors.

Areas of Expertise

Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF
Pediatric Cancer
Cognitive Late Effects
Patient-reported Outcomes
Quality Of Life
Physical Activity

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Selected Recent Publications

Systematic evaluation of neurotoxicity in pediatric and young adult patients undergoing CD22 chimeric antigen receptor-T-cell therapy

Shalabi, H., Wolters, P., Martin, S., Tamula, M.A., Roderick, M.C., Struemph, K., Kane, E., Yates, B., Delbrook, C., Mackall, C., Lee, D.W., Fry, T., & Shah, N.
Journal of Immunotherapy . 41(7): 350-358, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health and healthcare in adults with neurofibromatosis: Patient perspectives from an online survey.

Wolters, P.L., Reda, S., Martin, S., Al Ghriwati, N., Baker, M., Berg, D., Erickson, G., Franklin, B., Merker, V.L., Oberlander, B., Reeve, S., Röhl, C., Rosser, T., Tamula, M.A., Vranceanu, A.M.
American Journal of Medical Genetics . [ Journal Article ]

Current recommendations for patient-reported outcome measures assessing domains of quality of life in neurofibromatosis clinical trials.

Wolters, P.L., Vranceanu, A.M., Thompson, H.L., Martin, S, Merker, V.L., Baldwin, A., Barnett, C., Koetsier, K.S., Hingtgen, C.M., Funes, C.J., Tonsgard, J.H., Schorry, E.K, Allen, T., Smith, T., Franklin, B., and Reeve, S. for the REiNS International Collaboration.
Neurology. 2021. [ Journal Article ]

The impact of MEK inhibitor therapy on neurocognitive functioning in NF1.

Walsh, K.S., Wolters, P.L., Widemann, B.C., del Castillo, A., Sady, M.D., Inker, T., Roderick, M.C., Martin, S., Toledo-Tamula, M.A., Struemph, K., Paltin, I., Collier, V., Mullin, K., Fisher, M.J., and Packer, R.J.
Neurology: Genetics. [ Journal Article ]

Selumetinib in Children with Inoperable Plexiform Neurofibromas.

Gross AM, Wolters PL, Dombi E, Baldwin A, Whitcomb P, Fisher MJ, Weiss B, Kim A, Bornhorst M, Shah AC, Martin S, Roderick MC, Pichard DC, Carbonell A, Paul SM, Therrien J, Kapustina O, Heisey K, Clapp DW, Zhang C, Peer CJ, Figg WD, Smith M, Glod J, Blakeley JO, Steinberg SM, Venzon DJ, Doyle LA, Widemann BC.
N Engl J Med. . 2020.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

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