Prostate Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic


Our clinic is designed to provide the prostate cancer patient with a comprehensive consultation visit to discuss their diagnosis and treatment options. Many participants use this service to get a second opinion.

A patient speaks with a doctor


Our care team contacts prospective patients within three business days after your call. With the patient’s permission, we keep their primary physician fully informed and will contact the patient's primary physician to coordinate care and follow-up plans.


Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists in prostate cancer, radiation oncology, imaging, immunotherapy, and pathology drawing on expertise from across the Center for Cancer Research.

NIH Clinical Center

Clinical Trials at NIH

Our clinical trials take place at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD. They are open to patients from throughout the US. 

The NIH Clinical Center

The NIH Clinical Center is the largest hospital in the world dedicated to patient research.