Cancer Immunotherapy Month

To celebrate Cancer Immunotherapy Month this June, we are highlighting our researchers who have helped pioneer this research and continue to make seminal advances in this growing field. 

Dr. Steven Rosenberg was the first to demonstrate that an immunotherapy could cure certain patients with metastatic disease, and he opened the doors to cell-based immunotherapies. Read more about the development of cancer immunotherapy. He and his team continue to refine these approaches. 

Dr. Christian Hinrichs is researching cancer immunotherapy approaches to help patients with metastatic cancers caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

Dr. James Kochenderfer is focusing on genetically engineered T cells, called chimeric antigen receptor or CAR T cells, for the treatment of B-cell lymphomas and leukemias. 

Dr. James Gulley is studying the use of cancer vaccines and other immunostimulatory molecules to modify the immune system’s response in cancer patients.

Drs. Jung-Min LeeJay BerzofskyAndrea ApoloMark Gilbert and Brigitte Widemann are actively pursuing checkpoint inhibitors, which can potentially increase a patient’s immune response to tumors. 

Dr. Thomas Waldmann co-discovered a cytokine called IL-15 and led the first-in-human clinical trial of this agent in patients with metastatic cancer. Read more about CCR's role in the discovery of cytokines. 

Dr. Ira Pastan pioneered the development of immunotoxins to treat cancer, including successful treatments for refractory hairy-cell leukemia. He and Dr. Raffit Hassan have recently made advances towards treating mesothelioma with immunotoxins. 

Many other CCR investigators are involved in immunotherapy research; explore our website to learn more. Learn more about our currently open and recruiting immunotherapy clinical trials.