Photo of Yuta Hikichi, Ph.D.

Yuta Hikichi, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
HIV Dynamics and Replication Program


Yuta Hikichi earned his Ph.D. in medical sciences from The University of Tokyo and AIDS Research Center, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan, under the mentorship of Dr. Tetsuro Matano.  His work is primarily focused on understanding the mechanism by which mutations in the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein confer broad resistance to antiretrovirals.  Yuta was awarded a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship in 2020 and 2021, NIH Intramural AIDS Research Fellowship in 2021, and NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE) in 2022.

Areas of Expertise

1) retroviruses, 2) virus entry, 3) drug resistance, 4) HIV pathogenesis, 5) antivirals, 6) virus assembly