Yun-Xing  Wang, Ph.D.

Yun-Xing Wang, Ph.D.

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Yun-Xing Wang is a structural biologist who pioneered the combined use of NMR spectroscopy, small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), diffraction, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and other biophysical methods to study RNA structural biology.  His laboratory research places emphases on solving long-standing important structural biology questions and uses the gained knowledge to develop diagnostic and therapeutic agents for cancer and HIV/AIDS.  His laboratory also invented the first RNA labeling “machine”.

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Areas of Expertise

RNA Structural Biology
Protein Structural Biology


Selected Publications

Synchronous RNA conformational changes trigger ordered phase transitions in crystals

Saminathan Ramakrishnan, Jason R Stagno, Chelsie E Conrad, Jienyu Ding , Ping Yu, Yuba R Bhandari, Yun-Tzai Lee, Gary Pauly, Oleksandr Yefanov, Max O Wiedorn, Juraj Knoska, Dominik Oberthür, Thomas A White, Anton Barty, Valerio Mariani, Chufeng Li, Wolfgang Brehm, William F Heinz, Valentin Magidson, Stephen Lockett, Mark S Hunter, Sébastien Boutet, Nadia A Zatsepin, Xiaobing Zuo, Thomas D Grant, Suraj Pandey, Marius Schmidt, John C H Spence, Henry N Chapman, Yun-Xing Wang
Nat. Commun.. 12(1): 1762, 2021.
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Incorporation of isotopic, fluorescent, and heavy-atom-modified nucleotides into RNAs by position-selective labeling of RNA

Liu Y, Holmstrom E, Yu P, Tan K, Zuo X, Nesbitt DJ, Sousa R, Stagno JR, Wang YX.
Nat Protoc. 13(5): 987-1005, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Structures of riboswitch RNA reaction states by mix-and-inject XFEL serial crystallography

Stagno JR, Liu Y, Bhandari YR, Conrad CE, Panja S, Swain M, Fan L, Nelson G, Li C, Wendel DR, White TA, Coe JD, Wiedorn MO, Knoska J, Oberthuer D, Tuckey RA, Yu P, Dyba M, Tarasov SG, Weierstall U, Grant TD, Schwieters CD, Zhang J, Ferré-D'Amaré AR, Fromme P, Draper DE, Liang M, Hunter MS, Boutet S, Tan K, Zuo X, Ji X, Barty A, Zatsepin NA, Chapman HN, Spence JC, Woodson SA, Wang YX.
Nature. 541(7636): 242-6, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

Synthesis and Applications of RNAs With Position-Selective Labelling and Mosaic Composition

Liu Y, Holmstrom E, Zhang J, Yu P, Wang J, Dyba MA, Chen D, Ying J, Lockett S, Nesbitt DJ, Ferré-D'Amaré AR, Sousa R, Stagno JR, Wang YX.
Nature. 522(7556): 368-72, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

An unusual topological structure of the HIV-1 Rev response element

Xianyang Fang, Jinbu Wang, Ina P O'Carroll, Michelle Mitchell, Xiaobing Zuo, Yi Wang, Ping Yu, Yu Liu, Jason W Rausch, Marzena A Dyba, Jørgen Kjems, Charles D Schwieters, Soenke Seifert, Randall E Winans, Norman R Watts, Stephen J Stahl, Paul T Wingfield, R Andrew Byrd, Stuart F J Le Grice, Alan Rein, Yun-Xing Wang
Cell. 155(3): 594-605, 2013.
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