Pedro Rocha

Pedro Rocha, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Rocha is a Biologist. His lab studies how the mechanisms that fold the genome are used to regulate gene expression and ensure accurate cell lineage specification. They combine cutting-edge genetic, genomic and imaging approaches.

Areas of Expertise

Stem Cell Biology
Developmental Biology
Genetics and Genomics
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


Selected Key Publications

Enhancer-promoter interactions can bypass CTCF-mediated boundaries and contribute to phenotypic robustness

Chakraborty S, Kopitchinski N, Zuo Z, Eraso A, Awasthi P, Chari R, Mitra A, Tobias IC, Moorthy SD, Dale RK, Mitchell JA Petros TJ, Rocha PP.
Nature Genetics. Jan. 30: Online ahead of print, 2023. [ Journal Article ]

Extensive co-binding and rapid redistribution of NANOG and GATA6 during emergence of divergent lineages

Thompson JJ, Lee DJ, Mitra A, Frail S, Dale RK, Rocha PP.
Nature Communications. 13(1): 4257, 2022. [ Journal Article ]

Chromatin structure undergoes global and local reorganization during murine dendritic cell development and activation

Kurotaki D, Kikuchi K, Cui K, Kawase W, Saeki K, Fukumoto J, Nishiyama A, Nagamune K, Zhao K, Ozato K, Rocha PP*, Tamura T.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 119(34): e2207009119, 2022. [ Journal Article ]

Repetitive Elements: Different Subtypes Hint at Distinct Functions

Zuo Z, Rocha PP.
Trends in Genetics. 36(6): 385-387, 2020. [ Journal Article ]