Patricia Steeg

Patricia S. Steeg, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Steeg investigates mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis. She discovered the first metastasis suppressor gene, nm23 (NME). Her recent work investigates brain metastasis of breast cancer. The Steeg lab has identified pathways that mediate brain metastasis, potential preventives, and studied the composition and role of the blood-tumor barrier. An open Phase I/II clinical trial of low dose, metronomic temozolomide for secondary prevention of brain metastases of breast cancer is based on the lab's preclinical data.

Areas of Expertise

Metastasis Suppressor Genes
Blood-Tumor Barrier


Selected Recent Publications

The Blood-Tumor Barrier in cancer biology and therapy

Steeg, P.S.
Nat. Rev. Clin. Oncol.. 18/11: 696-714, 2021.
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Aging and microglial depletion attenuate breast cancer brain metastasis

Wu, A.M.L., Gossa, S., Samala, R., Chung, M., Gril, B., Yang, H., Thorsheim, H., Tran, A.D., Wei, D., Taner, E., Isnogle, K., Yang, Y., Dolan, E., Robinson, C., Difilippantonio, S., Lee, M.P., Khan, I., Smith, Q., McGavern, D., Wakefield, L.M., Steeg, P.S.
Clin. Cancer Res.. 27/15: 4422-4434, 2021.
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Profound prevention of experimental brain metastases of breast cancer by temozolomide in a MGMT-dependent manner

Palmieri, D., Duchnowska, R., Woditschka, S., Hua, E., Qian, Y., Biernat, W., Sosinska-Melcarek, K., Gril, B., Stark, A.M., Hewitt, S.M., Liewehr, D.J., Steinberg, S.M., Jassem, J., Steeg, P.S.
Clin. Cancer Res.. 20/10: 2727- 2739, 2014.
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Reactive astrocyte S1P3 signaling modulates the blood-tumor barrier in brain metastases

Gril, B., Parankape, A.N., Woditschka, S., Hua, E., Dolan, E., Hanson, J., Wu, X., Kloc, W., Izycka-Swieszewska, E., Duchnowska, R., Peksa, R., Biernat, W., Jassem, J., Nayyar, N., Brastianos, P.K., Hall, O., Peer, C.J., Figg, W.D., Pauly, G.T., Robinson, C., Difilippanonio, S., Bialecki, E., Metellus, P., Schneider, J.P., Steeg, P.S.
Nature Comm.. 9/1: 2705, 2018.
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Heterogeneous Permeability of Experimental Brain Metastases of Breast Cancer Associated with Blood-Brain Barrier Remodeling

Lockman, P.R., Mittapalli, R.K., Taskar, K., Rudraraju, V., Gril, B., Bohn, K.A., Adkins, C., Thomas, F.C., Thorsheim, H.R., Gaasch, J.A., Huang, S., Palmieri, D., Steeg, P.S., Smith, Q.R.
Clin Cancer Res. 16/23: 5664-5678, 2010.
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