Ken-ichi  Hanada, M.D., Ph.D.

Ken-ichi Hanada, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Surgery Branch


Dr. Hanada received M.D. degree at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and a Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo, Japan. He joined the Surgery Branch, NCI in 1997 as a visiting scientist and became a staff scientist in 2005. He has been involved in the basic studies of immune response to renal cell carcinoma and also in the development of clinical trials for renal cell carcinoma.

Areas of Expertise

Renal Cell Carcinoma


Selected Publications

Expression profiling of TCR-engineered T cells demonstrates overexpression of multiple inhibitory receptors in persisting lymphocytes

Abate-Daga D, Hanada K, Davis JL, Yang JC, Rosenberg SA, Morgan RA.
Blood. 122: 1399-410, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

aß T cell receptors that do not undergo major histocompatibility complex-specific thymic selection possess antibody-like recognition specificities

Tikhonova AN, Van Laethem F, Hanada K, Lu J, Pobezinsky LA, Hong C, Guinter TI, Jeurling SK, Bernhardt G, Park JH, Yang JC, Sun PD, Singer A.
Immunity. 36: 79-91, 2012. [ Journal Article ]

Distinctive features of the differentiated phenotype and infiltration of tumor-reactive lymphocytes in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Wang QJ, Hanada K, Robbins PF, Li YF, Yang JC.
Cancer Res.. 72: 6119-29, 2012. [ Journal Article ]

PD-1 identifies the patient-specific CD8+ tumor-reactive repertoire infiltrating human tumors

Gros A, Robbins PF, Yao X, Li YF, Turcotte S, Tran E, Wunderlich JR, Mixon A, Farid S, Dudley ME, Hanada K, Almeida JR, Darko S, Douek DC, Yang JC, Rosenberg SA.
J. Clin. Invest.. [Epub ahead of print], 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Double or nothing on cancer immunotherapy

Hanada K, Restifo NP.
Nat. Biotechnol.. 31: 33-4, 2013. [ Journal Article ]