Joana A. Vidigal

Joana A. Vidigal, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Our long-term goal is to understand the mechanisms through which small noncoding RNA pathways regulate gene expression during animal development, tissue homeostasis, and disease. Our work relies on the use of mouse models and genetic tools, together with biochemical and computational approaches, to stringently define the requirement of these pathways in vivo. Ultimately, we aim to gather actionable knowledge that can be used to design better strategies for screening, prevention, and treatment of human diseases.

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Areas of Expertise

1) small RNA pathways, 2) RNA binding Proteins, 3) mouse genetics and genome editing,
4) developmental biology, 5) cancer biology


Selected Publications

AGO2 silences mobile transposons in the nucleus of quiescent cells

Laura Sala, Srividya Chandrasekhar, Rachel L. Cosby, Gaspare La Rocca, Todd S. Macfarlan, Parirokh Awasthi, Raj Chari, Michael Kruhlak, Joana A. Vidigal
bioRxiv . 2022.
Full-Text Article

CSC software corrects off-target mediated gRNA depletion in CRISPR-Cas9 essentiality screens

Perez AR, Sala L, Perez RK, Vidigal JA.
Nature Communications. 2021.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

AGO Unchained: Canonical and non-canonical functions of mammalian Argonaute proteins

Sala L, Chandrasekhar S, Vidigal JA
Frontiers in Biosciences. 2020.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

GuideScan software for improved single and paired CRISPR guide RNA design

Perez AR*, Pritykin Y*, Vidigal JA*#, Chhangawala S, Leslie CS#, and Ventura A#
Nature Biotechnology. 35(4): 347-349, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

An allelic series of miR-17~92-mutant mice uncovers functional specialization and cooperation among members of a microRNA polycistron

Han YC*, Vidigal JA*, Mu P*, Yao E, Singh I, González AJ, Concepcion CP, Bonetti C, Ogrodowski P, Carver B, Selleri L, Betel D, Leslie C, and Ventura A.
Nature Genetics. 47(7): 766-75, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

Job Vacancies

Position Degree Required Contact Name Contact Email
Biologist - RNA biology, mouse genetics, molecular biology Ph.D. or equivalent Joana Vidigal
Post-doctoral Fellow - RNA biology, argonaute, quiescence Ph.D. or equivalent Joana A Vidigal


Mahendra Prajapat
Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
Mahendra Prajapat, Ph.D.
Laura Sala
Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
Laura Sala, Ph.D.
Manish Kumar
Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
Manish Kumar, Ph.D.
Alex Perez
Special Volunteer
Alexander Perez, Ph.D.
Delma Mbulaiteye
postbaccalaureate student
Delma Mbulaiteye


Andy Saiz
Andy Saiz
moved on to: PhD at MIT
Naheel Khatri
Naheel Khatri
moved on to: MD/PhD at Stony Brook
Nithya Chintalapati
Nithya Chintalapati
Michael Chang
Michael Chang
moved on to: MD at Hopkins
Srividya Chandrasekhar
Srividya Chandrasekhar
moved on to: PhD at Berkeley
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore
moved on to: PhD at University of Buffalo