Joana A. Vidigal, Ph.D.

Joana A. Vidigal, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Our long-term goal is to understand the mechanisms through which small noncoding RNA pathways regulate gene expression during animal development, tissue homeostasis, and disease. Our work relies on the use of mouse models and genetic tools, together with biochemical and computational approaches, to stringently define the requirement of these pathways in vivo. Ultimately, we aim to gather actionable knowledge that can be used to design better strategies for screening, prevention, and treatment of human diseases.

Areas of Expertise

1) small RNA pathways, 2) noncoding RNAs, 3) mouse genetics and genome editing,
4) developmental biology, 5) cancer biology


Selected Key Publications

GuideScan software for improved single and paired CRISPR guide RNA design

Perez AR, Pritykin Y, Vidigal JA, Chhangawala S, Leslie CS, and Ventura A.
Nature Biotechnology. 35(4): 347-349, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

Rapid and efficient one-step generation of paired gRNA CRISPR-Cas9 libraries

Vidigal JA and Ventura A.
Nature Communications. 6: 8083, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

An allelic series of miR-17~92-mutant mice uncovers functional specialization and cooperation among members of a microRNA polycistron

Han YC, Vidigal JA, Mu P, Yao E, Singh I, González AJ, Concepcion CP, Bonetti C, Ogrodowski P, Carver B, Selleri L, Betel D, Leslie C, and Ventura A.
Nature Genetics. 47(7): 766-75, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

The biological functions of miRNAs: lessons from in vivo studies

Vidigal JA, Ventura A.
Trends in Cell Biology. 25(3): 137-47, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

An inducible RNA interference system for the functional dissection of mouse embryogenesis

Vidigal JA, Morkel M, Wittler L, Brouwer-Lehmitz A, Grote P, Makura K, and Herrmann BG.
Nucleic Acids Research. 38(11): e122, 2010. [ Journal Article ]

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