David A. Wink Jr., Ph.D.

David A. Wink Jr., Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Over the course of the last decade it has become apparent that nitric oxide and other small redox-reactive molecules promote the progression of human cancers. Our research goals are focused on the identification of redox-related mechanisms and biomarkers expressed during chronic inflammation as it relates to cancer progression and poor clinical outcome. We are ultimately interested in using redox-specific mechanistic information to develop agents that target pro-tumor pathways for improved clinical outcome.

Areas of Expertise

Chemical Biology
Redox Biology
Inflammation and Cancer
Nitric Oxide (NO)


Selected Recent Publications

Nitric oxide orchestrates metabolic rewiring in M1 macrophages by targeting aconitase 2 and pyruvate dehydrogenase

Palmieri EM, Gonzalez-Cotto M, Baseler WA, Davies LC, Ghesquière B, Maio N, Rice CM, Rouault TA, Cassel T, Higashi RM, Lane AN, Fan TW, Wink DA, McVicar DW.
Nat Commun. 11(1): 698, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

Inducible nitric oxide synthase-derived extracellular nitric oxide flux regulates proinflammatory responses at the single cell level

Somasundaram V, Gilmore AC, Basudhar D, Palmieri EM, Scheiblin DA, Heinz WF, Cheng RYS, Ridnour LA, Altan-Bonnet G, Lockett SJ, McVicar DW, Wink DA.
Redox Biol. 28: 101354, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

Understanding the tumour micro-environment communication network from an NOS2/COX2 perspective

Basudhar D, Bharadwaj G, Somasundaram V, Cheng RYS, Ridnour LA, Fujita M, Lockett SJ, Anderson SK, McVicar DW, Wink DA.
Br J Pharmacol. 176(2): 155-76, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Itaconic acid mediates crosstalk between macrophage metabolism and peritoneal tumors

Weiss JM, Davies LC, Karwan M, Ileva L, Ozaki MK, Cheng RY, Ridnour LA, Annunziata CM, Wink DA, McVicar DW.
J Clin Invest. 128(9): 3794-3805, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Coexpression of NOS2 and COX2 accelerates tumor growth and reduces survival in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer

Basudhar D, Glynn SA, Greer M, Somasundaram V, No JH, Scheiblin DA, Garrido P, Heinz WF, Ryan AE, Weiss JM, Cheng RYS, Ridnour LA, Lockett SJ, McVicar DW, Ambs S, Wink DA.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 114(49): 13030-35, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

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