Christophe Cataisson, Ph.D.

Christophe Cataisson, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Cataisson’s research expertise is centered on skin carcinogenesis (cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma) following two-stage chemical carcinogenesis (DMBA-TPA). He also uses primary mouse keratinocytes to define phenotypic changes caused by oncogenic RAS. He uses genetically modified mouse models to study pathways contributing to carcinogenesis (PKC, MyD88, CXCR2, EGFR, MET, MTOR). Using an in vivo grafting model on a syngeneic host has allowed Dr. Cataisson to probe the respective contribution of cancer cells and their stroma to tumor formation. 

Dr. Cataisson’s integrated research takes advantage of using primary cells transformed by a single hit (oncogenic RAS) and exploring their phenotype in vivo in a relevant context.

Areas of Expertise

Skin Carcinogenesis/inflammation
Tumor Initiation By RAS Oncogene
Mouse Primary Keratinocyte Cultures
IL-1 And IL-36 Functions During Skin Carcinogenesis


Selected Key Publications

T-Cell Deletion of MyD88 Connects IL17 and IκBζ to RAS Oncogenesis

Christophe Cataisson, Rosalba Salcedo, Aleksandra M Michalowski, Mary Klosterman, Shruti Naik, Luowei Li, Michelle J Pan, Amalia Sweet, Jin-Qiu Chen, Laurie G Kostecka, Megan Karwan, Loretta Smith, Ren-Ming Da, C Andrew Stewart, Lyudmila Lyakh, Wang-Ting Hsieh, Asra Khan, Howard Yang, Maxwell Lee, Giorgio Trinchieri, Stuart H Yuspa.
Mol Cancer Res.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

MET signaling in keratinocytes activates EGFR and initiates squamous carcinogenesis

Cataisson C, Michalowski AM, Shibuya K, Ryscavage A, Klosterman M, Wright L, Dubois W, Liu F, Zhuang A, Rodrigues KB, Hoover S, Dwyer J, Simpson MR, Merlino G, Yuspa SH.
Sci Signal. 9(433):ra62: 2016. [ Journal Article ]

IL-1R-MyD88 signaling in keratinocyte transformation and carcinogenesis

Cataisson C, Salcedo R, Hakim S, Moffitt BA, Wright L, Yi M, Stephens R, Dai RM, Lyakh L, Schenten D, Yuspa HS, Trinchieri G.
J Exp Med. 209: 1689-702, 2012. [ Journal Article ]

Inducible cutaneous inflammation reveals a protumorigenic role for keratinocyte CXCR2 in skin carcinogenesis

Cataisson C, Ohman R, Patel G, Pearson A, Tsien M, Jay S, Wright L, Hennings H, Yuspa SH.
Cancer Res. 69: 319-28, 2009. [ Journal Article ]

CXCR2 ligands and G-CSF mediate PKCalpha-induced intraepidermal inflammation

Cataisson C, Pearson AJ, Tsien MZ, Mascia F, Gao JL, Pastore S, Yuspa SH.
J Clin Invest. 116: 2757-66, 2006. [ Journal Article ]