Impact of Losing hRpn13 Pru or UCHL5 on Proteasome Clearance of Ubiquitinated Proteins and RA190 Cytotoxicity

MCB Cover August 2020

Region of the 26S proteasome (rendered as a ribbon display) highlighting the ubiquitin-binding T1 site (blue) of Rpn1 (orange) and absence of Rpn13 due to deletion of its Pru domain. Truncated Rpn13 (trRpn13) retains binding to deubiquitinating enzyme UCHL5, but not to the proteasome, causing loss of RA190-induced accumulation of ubiquitinated proteins. A ubiquitinated substrate is modeled as a surface diagram. Joseph Meyer and Xiuxiu Lu are acknowledged for assistance with this image.

Structural Biophysics Laboratory
Published Date: 
August, 2020