New database of sarcoma cell line data will drive rare cancer research

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Logo for Sarcoma CellMinerCDB program. 

CCR researchers have developed the largest publicly accessible sarcoma cell line database called Sarcoma CellMinerCDB. The related publication, “Sarcoma_CellminerCDB: A tool to interrogate the genomic and functional characteristics of a comprehensive collection of sarcoma cell lines,” available April 17, 2024, in iScience, describes 133 annotated sarcoma cell lines that can be used to identify new therapeutic targets for these cancers.

Sarcomas are a diverse group of rare malignancies comprised of multiple different clinical and molecular subtypes. Outcomes for patients are generally poor due to a lack of novel therapies and an incomplete understanding of the diseases’ biology. Sarcoma CellMinerCDB addresses this limitation by merging publicly available and new sarcoma cell line data, creating a comprehensive database of genomic, transcriptomic, methylomic, proteomic, metabolic and pharmacologic data on over 100 annotated sarcoma cell lines. It is the latest addition to the set of CellMiner tools that have been freely available since 2009 through CCR’s Genomics and Pharmacology Facility.

Sarcoma CellMinerCDB was a collaborative effort among the Developmental Therapeutics BranchPediatric Oncology BranchGenetics Branch and Developmental Therapeutics Program. The database will help researchers worldwide address and generate biological questions and test hypotheses for translational research into new therapies and solutions for sarcoma patients.

Read more about the previous addition to CellMinerCDB through a collaboration with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). 

Posted on Fri, 05/10/2024